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Morgan Brammer

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Morgan Brammer

Morgan Brammer

Director of Recruitment for the Office of Admissions & Recruitment

Morgan Brammer is the Director of Recruitment for the Office of Admissions & Recruitment at the University of Oklahoma. Morgan leads a team who are responsible for the recruitment and outreach to prospective students and families throughout the state of Oklahoma. This includes visiting local high schools, creating 1:1 personalized visits, and engaging students through the application and post-admission process. Additionally, the campus experience side of the team ensures that moments are created for students to engage with OU through our 90+ events, on and off campus, and our campus tour experience.

Morgan graduated with a degree in human relations and a double minor in Spanish and religious studies from the University of Oklahoma. She then earned her Masters degree in 2015 from the University of Oklahoma in Adult and Higher Education Administration.

Before coming to OU and serving on staff, Morgan worked for her sorority as a traveling consultant on the west coast, serving each chapter’s members through creation and implementation of recruitment strategies. Her background also includes corporate work in the energy sector.

My best advice for a high school junior or senior preparing to apply to college:

Find the school that makes the most sense for YOU. And you can only learn what makes the most sense for you by visiting and engaging with the faculty, staff, and students at the various schools you’re interested in. Ask the tough questions. Meet one on one with a current student and learn of their experience. Attend a class. Be able to, in the spring of your senior year, weigh the pros and cons with all the information you need to make the best decision for you.