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Mission & Values

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Mission & Values

Enrollment Management supports prospective and current students and their families in completing essential processes from the point of application through post-graduation. It is our goal to serve and equip students, faculty, and staff so those working toward the dream of achieving an OU degree may be successful.

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  • Do the right thing by exercising good judgment, accountability, and honesty.
  • Create a safe environment for students, families, team members, and other partners. Be aware, identify, correct, and report safety concerns.
  • Exhibit emotional intelligence and self-awareness. Be transparent and thoughtful in your communication. Keep conversations positive and appropriate.
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  • Provide the best experience possible for each person you encounter and at every step of Enrollment Management processes. Greet, welcome, engage with, and thank all visitors. Prioritize serving others by being friendly and approachable (have a heart for service).
  • Value inclusivity: ability to work with a diverse group of people; able to relate and be relatable to all those you serve.
  • Commit to being a team player with a positive attitude. 
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  • Contribute to the excellence of Enrollment Management and OU; stay highly motivated. Have a strong individual work ethic as it is vital to the success of the team as we work to provide students with access to higher education.
  • Gain knowledge in Enrollment Management core competencies.
  • Provide accurate information, anticipate needs, and offer assistance. Meet deadlines consistently and respond in a timely manner. 
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  • Have a natural curiosity to learn and continually pursue personal and professional growth in the field of higher education and Enrollment Management.
  • Maintain a focus on innovation, display an understanding of positive change, and possess a strong analytic ability.
  • Model efficiency by researching best practices.