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Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation

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Welcome to The Home for All Things Esports & Gaming at OU

Welcome to The University of Oklahoma Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation Department in the Division of Student Affairs. Our mission is to personify the gaming and esports communities through execution while fostering development and engagement for all fans of these topics alike while leveraging our culture and influence to innovate modernization of productivity and workflows across campus.

2024 Summer Camps Announced! Sign up now!

Announcing our 4th year of Summer Camps which have been exclusively virtual until now! We have 5 camps to offer ranging from physical, virtual, and a hybrid coaches camp. Take a moment to learn about our Summer Camps and get signed up today!

 Sign Up Here

ECCI Announces The Esports & Gaming Venue Launch Day with Giveaways, Prizes, and Free Play for All!

On March 27th, from 10AMto 10PM, the OU Esports & Gaming Venue opens for full day operations. The day is full of events, giveaways, and free play to all! Take a look to learn about our spaces and the days events. 

Read About The OU Esports & Gaming Venue Read About Launch Day Events


OU ECCI Announces First Travel Abroad Programs in Collaboration with OU Education Abroad Team

Announcing our start on developing travel abroad oportunities in collaboration with our Education Abroad team. The first has a fast deadline of April 1, but this officially kicks off our efforts to develop more for OU students from now on! First stop, Seoul, Korea!

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OU ECCI Publishes Spring 2024 Newsletter! Updates, Recaps, Report Card Check It Out!

This past semester was amazing! Now that it's over we start learning and moving forward. Tons of updates in the first newsletter evolution from our standard report card updates. 

Read The Spring 2024 Newsletter

University of Oklahoma Receives Global Collegiate Esports Program of The Year Award

The University of Oklahoma received the Global Collegiate Esports Program of The Year Award presented by the Scholars Awards, an Esports Award program. Read all about it!

Read The Press Release




Connect With Us!

Do you have questions about any of this? Have a need for an event collaboration at OU? Are a prospective student thinking about OU and want to learn more? Are a current student and want to talk directly with leadership before jumping? Good! We much prefer one on one communications to help educate and build strong knowledge bases in those we can. Shoot us an email! If you just want to get involved right now hit that Join our Community button! 

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