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A Letter from The Director of Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation

When we set out to build gaming and esports energies at OU we knew from day one that desire and demand wasn't going to be the issue. It was going to be administrative buy-in and cultural mindset elevation. Four years of development and execution have brought us to this elevated state. We strategized our milestones, intential programs, and coupled it with the student voice and campus culture to build something that is 100% OU from top to bottom. Our roadmap is still only about 33% executed in 2020 and we have much more to showcase, innovate, and explore! We're barely scratching the surface. - Moog

Leadership Staff & Advisement

Michael "Moog" Aguilar, M.B.A.

- Director
- Founder (OU Gaming Club)
- Technology Strategist (OU IT - Honors College)
- Adjunct Instructor (Gaylord College of Journalism & Mass. Comm.)

405.325.4998 | Honors 160

Brynn "BduB" Daves, M.H.R.

- Staff Advisor
- Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Associate Dean of Students

405.325.3161 | OMU 265

Millard "CognitoMyst" Latimer, M.B.A.

- Staff Advisor
- Founder (OU Gaming Club)
- Manager, Sr. Technology Strategist (OU IT - Academics) 

405.213.8522 | EL 2nd Floor

Ralph "Rich" Hamerla, Ph.D.

- Academics & Research Faculty Advisor
- Dean (Honors College) 

405.325.5291 | Honors 160

Alumni Advisors (2021-2022)

Callie "Kitren" Simonton

- Community Director (2017-2019)

Film & Media Studies, '19
Grad Cert: Media Management, '20

Jasmine Graves

- President (2019-2021)
- Vice President (2018-2019)
- Media Director (Twitch) (2017-2018)
Managment Information Systems, '21

Kara "Kel" Kelbright

- Community Outreach Coordinator (2019-2021)
International Studies, '21 (Masters)

Solidus Student Leaders

Students that are members of this heralded program are selected based on passion, goals, and experience. They are interviewed and vetted by a pool of student peers and departmental staff as award winners of distiction for the Solidus Fund Award. Student awards at this juncture are part of the original 2016 plans of development that lays out a full roadmap that will result in these roles becoming part-time and full-time positions at the university once fully executed. 

Kaleb "Slaw" Slawson

Interim President of OU Gaming Club
Student Assistant Director of Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation
Information Science, & Technology., '22

Zach "Thunderbird" Satz

Marketing Director

Art, Technology, & Culture, '22

Joey "Ghost094" Yeager

Community Director
Finance, '23

Derek "DefectSnow" Snow

Media & News Director

Computer Science, '23

Austin "RexGoDragon" Nguyen

Production Director
Computer Science, '22

Matthew "Silverplussonic" Miller

Streaming Entertainment Director
Meteorology, '22

Jonathan "RadPanda" Hudson

Intercollegiate Esports Director
Meteorology, '23