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The OU Gaming & Esports Facilities Overview

Since 2016, we've worked to build relationships with peers in the region and entities inside of OU for space utilization. During the Fall 2021 semester we will be announcing our first part of planned development that will execute over the course of the next several years. All of the needs in our spaces will tie back to the intentional design of all our pillars and programs and then scale up over time.

Get ready! The start of the physical home for the OU Gaming Club and OU Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation is quickly approaching and will be here before Fall 2021 is over! Photos will be added as multiple spaces come online.

Our Offices & Spaces

These spaces are here, open, and are being utilized already.

Our first official space houses the Media & News Team who's primary purpose is to report on all things gaming and esports news and opinions. Research, collaboration, content creation, composition, and planning all happens in this space and across our development. 

Learn More About the Media & News Program

Heavily Used Spaces

These spaces we leverage heavily but are public domain. We only list spaces we use that have extensive time booked for our needs and purposes. 

Dens are used multiple times a week, every week, for team development across our six(6) pillars. This includes collaboration meetings, VoD review for competitive teams, and coworking space for productivity. 

Originally a planned space by the now defunct ONE U tech store on campus and our Director back in 2016-2017, this space was designed for BYOC "Bring your own computer" events, console tournaments, and small sized esports events. During it's first year in 2018, we hosted the inagural bedlam series as well as end of year event programming inside it. 

The DIY space was originally designed as a maker space. When it's not being used for that we use this weekly for one of the oldeset Smash Brothers weekly tournaments in the states. This happens every Friday night and is called "Sooner Smash Dojo" or simply by the regional community, "Sooners". We also heavily leverage this space for console based programming and end of year and back to school programming needs. 

In the Fall 2021 semester, further developments and influence across campus has not only helped us develop curriculum inside Gaylord for journalism topics, it's also made resources become more and more impactful, available, and relevant. Gaylord now houses podcast style production spaces that are designed for live streaming, talk shows, and interest based programming. 

Planned Spaces

Spaces listed here are actively in development now. There are about 8-10 total spaces in the pipeline over the course of the next several years and once they get to 1 year or less they will be listed here.

These spaces are utilized for influencer development utilizing live streaming platforms. They also double as the analyst desk spaces for the production team for announcers to faciliate game narration. 

 Learn More About the Streaming Entertainment Program


The lab space will be focused on maximum accessibility and inclusion for the entirety of the university community. Leveraging our Community team of Ambassasdors we will bring our predominately virtual only execution into hybrid and physical states to further promote fellowship and engagement for all.  If the need for arena and showcase events is necessary we will leverage one of many places across campus to deploy the right resources to host fans, elevate the physical experience, and bring full esports to life for those moments. Otherwise gaming community priority outside of those very few times a year!

Learn More About the Ambassador Program

The production room is home to our scene switching gurus focused on the core industry need for the ability to stream and narrate gameplay. This space will focus on managing multiple audio and video inputs coupled with digital assets to bring showcases to life!

Learn More About the Production Program

The training room is dedicated to the development of official University of Oklahoma esports teams. With over 16 teams and 12 titles at the Fall 2021 juncture, making sure dedicated space for teams development is essentialy to ensure the community spaces are not overrun all the time. Priority for this space is granted to scholarship enabled varsity teams as priority with our club team developments coming after. 

Learn More About the Intercollegiate Esports Program