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Expository Writing Program

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Expository Writing at the University of Oklahoma

Expository writing sets forth ideas:  it establishes a context and advances an argument.  When writing in an expository mode, your goal is to persuade your reader that what you have to say really matters. 

In teaching expository writing, we give students the tools they need to work with the information and ideas they encounter in their classes, to develop their own understanding of how these ideas matter to them, and to communicate that understanding to someone else.  Doing so, we help students become active participants in their own educations.


Students who complete an Expo course will come away with the knowledge they’ll need to explore the wider academic world that the university has to offer and the skills they’ll need to make their voices heard within that world.

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The faculty in the Expo program are experienced teachers of college writing who bring to the classroom an advanced knowledge of their subject and a passion for helping students develop their writing.

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The Expository Writing Program offers students the opportunity to sharpen their reading, writing and critical thinking skills through intensive examination of a particular topic, in a seminar-sized class defined by collaboration between students and instructors.

EXPO 1213 meets the GenEd 2nd Semester Composition requirement.