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Restricted Party Screenings

The Office of Export Controls also offers restricted party screenings to all University faculty and staff. The U.S. Government creates and regularly maintains lists of individuals and companies who restrictions or prohibitions, have been placed upon for national security reasons. The restrictions for these individuals and companies can include exporting, re-exporting, deemed exports, services or special licensing requirements. The Office of Export Controls uses specialized software to screen the names of any potential visitors, collaborators, sponsors, vendors, consignees or other parties you may be interacting with in order to ensure they are not a restricted, denied, debarred, or blocked party.

For more information on high risk parties please review the High Risk Policy (PDF).  

No License Required/License Exception Letters

The Office of Export Controls offers No License Required/License Exception letters to accompany faculty and staff when traveling internationally on University business with University equipment, laptops, associated software, phones, etc.  When taking these items out of the country you are exporting (or re-exporting) and there may be an export license required. If you send the Office of Export Controls the make, model, operating system, serial number, or any other identifying information or specification prior to your travels, we will evaluate for export license requirements and provide you with the necessary documentation to ensure you are in compliance as well as help you ease your way through customs.

Clean Laptops

The Office of Export Controls offers “clean” laptops to faculty and staff traveling internationally on University business. These laptops are referred to as “clean” because they are free of export-controlled technology, student records, HIPPA information, or other sensitive information.  Using an OEC clean laptop greatly reduces the risk of loss, theft, or inadvertent disclosure of protected information. All faculty and staff are welcome to request a clean laptop; however priority will be given to those subject to a Technology Control Plan (TCP).

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