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Custodial Services

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Wagner Hall

Custodial Services performs routine and specialized services, ensuring a healthy and clean environment to promote the University's mission.  The Department of Facilities Management is committed to purchasing environmentally preferred (Green Seal or EcoLogo) paper and non-disinfecting cleaning products where feasible.  Over 150 team members on three different shifts work to service buildings across the Norman campus.  One custodian on average is responsible for cleaning 38,000 gross square footage every shift, equal to cleaning 14 houses!* Based upon average 2,700 sq.ft. per house according to U.S. Census Bureau 

Routine Services

 Routine services in most academic and office buildings include, but are not limited to, the following tasks:

  • Emptying common-area trash and recycling
  • Sweeping, dust mopping, or vacuuming floors periodically
  • Cleaning/disinfecting rest rooms, floors, and fixtures  
  • Classroom cleaning

Frequency of routine service will vary by space classification. Direct student-use areas are given higher frequency than administrative spaces.   A comprehensive list of routine tasks and frequencies can be found below:

Custodial Services continously audits cleaning standards based on APPA's Five Levels of Clean, striving for a Level 2 across campus.  What is APPA? APPA is a professional organization for educational facilities organizations. 

Office Cleaning

Custodial Services cleans academic offices one time per month.  Individual employees are responsible for the cleaning and trash removal of their offices, cubicles, and private filing or storage rooms between scheduled custodial cleanings. To reduce plastic footprint, trash liners for office trash cans are not provided. This effort across campus eliminates over 60,000 trash liners used a month. Custodial Services encourages food waste be taken directly to a centralized trash bin to prevent a dirty bin and potential pests. As a reminder, plastic, aluminum, metal, and cardboard are recyclable items at OU. Recycle bins are located in centralized locations throughout buildings. 

A list of of scheduling office cleaning times based on building can be found below:

Recycling Services

Common Area Bins
Recycling bins in common areas, such as lobbies, copy rooms, and hallways, are emptied by Custodial Services. These bins are typically for plastic, metal, and paper. 

Cardboard Trailers
Building occupants may place broken-down cardboard boxes by recycling containers inside the building, or take the cardboard to the nearest cardboard trailer location.  

Confidential Paper Bin 
Locked confidential paper bins are available by contacting Customer Service at (405) 325.3060 or 

Recycling Signange
Signange for recycling and refuse materials are available by downloading the following documents:

Additional information regarding recycling practices can be found on the Sustainability website here

Cleaning Schedules

Custodial Services provides 24 hour coverage Monday to Friday through three scheduled shift times:  

First Shift: 6:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Second Shift: 3 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.
Third Shift: 11 p.m. to 7:30 a.m.

A list of the scheduled cleaning time for each building, along with the respective superivor's information, can be found below:

During first and second shifts, custodians are designated to provide intermittent cleaning services, such as refilling dispensers, empyting full bins, and cleaning spills.  To request these services, call the Customer Service office, e-mail, or submit an online service request. 

Scheduled Services

The following services are not performed on a routine basis, but may be scheduled through the Customer Service office or form below.  Completion of these tasks will be dependant upon resources available and may be a departmental charge. 

  • Cleaning and machine scrubbing of hard surface floors; refinishing when necessary.
  • Restorative carpet cleaning.
  • Cleaning interior glass (panels and partitions) within reach.
  • Special office cleaning

Cleaning exterior glass and high interior glass can be scheduled through the Customer Service office.  Departments may be responsible for the charges associated with the cleaning.

Special Services

Special custodial services may be scheduled for after-hours meetings, events, and other campus activities by calling Customer Service or filling out the event form here. Advance notice of 48 hours is requested for special custodial services in order to guarantee service for special events.

Custodial Leadership

Cory Sauser
Manager, Building Services

DeDe Brannon
Supervisor, South Research

Jeff Hunt
Supervisor, North Academic

Indoor Pest Control

Malinda Huffaker
Assistant Manager, Custodial

Toby Farrimond
Supervisor, South Academic

Angela Maddux
Supervisor, North Campus

Supervisor, Athletics

Darren Bean
Supervisor, Auxiliary Facilities

Jason Gann
Supervisor, South Campus

John Petross
Supervisor, Day