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Access Control Services

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The Facilities Management Access Control department provides a variety of services to the University community. These services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Providing keys for all buildings, doors, desks, file cabinets, exit alarms, safes, and other miscellaneous locks.
  • Installation and maintenance of all door hardware including closers, panic devices, magnetic locks, door handles, and all other door hardware.
  • Installation and maintenance of all electronic access control devices such as card readers.  
  • Responsible for engineering master key systems and consulting of keys systems for specific spaces.
  • Responsible for auditing all keys systems and key holders, tracking of keys and key holders, and providing audits for key authorizers.
  • Responsible for software and maintenance of all key boxes and knox boxes.
  • Providing security advice and collaborating on new construction projects.

For service, please visit the Access Control department at 160 Felgar between the hours of 7:30am - 9am, submit requests at, or call Customer Service at (405) 325-3060.

Obtaining Keys

Building keys may be acquired by two methods:

Customers may call Facilities Management Customer Service at (405) 325-3060 or submit a request through to obtain a work order. The keys may be picked up during normal Access Control hours, 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m., Monday-Friday. If desired, keys will be delivered for a nominal charge. If the customer picks up the key(s), the person picking up the key(s) must show a photo ID in order to collect the key(s). 

Key Policy

Facilities Management Lock Shop issues keys for buildings, offices, classrooms, storerooms, and laboratories. Keys may not be duplicated outside the University.

The following keys are available:

  • Individual Room or Building Entrance Key - most faculty and staff will require both of these keys.
  • Submaster Key - opens a suite of rooms in a building.
  • Master Key - opens most of the rooms in a building with the exception of restricted and mechanical rooms.

Deans, department heads, and chairpersons are responsible for distributing and controlling the keys in their areas. Good key control is an essential aspect of the total security picture. Master and submaster keys should be restricted to the fewest people possible. In addition, each department should have a policy that allows for prompt collection of all keys from departing employees. All University-controlled keys issued by Facilities Management Access Control shall remain University property, even after they become obsolete. All obsolete or extra unused keys should be returned to the Facilities Management Access Control for destruction and recycling.

If keys are NOT appropriately accounted for following the departure of an employee, the department will be responsible for notifying Facilities Management and will assume costs associated with necessary lock recombination.

Lost keys should be reported to Facilities Management Customer Service at (405) 325-3060 so that locks can be changed if required.

Keys are issued to contractors, telephone repairpersons, and various University personnel who need admittance to an area to perform work. Temporary keys may be checked out at the Facilities Management Access Control. They must be returned on the date specified or the party checking out key(s) will be responsible for the cost of re-keying all spaces accessed by the unreturned keys.

Due to the need for University agencies including, but not limited to Facilities Management and OUPD, to have immediate access to all spaces (e.g., in case of an emergency), only locks and keys authorized by the Facilities Management Access Control are to be used on University property. Any unauthorized locks or padlocks will be removed at the owner's expense by Facilities Management when found.