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Committees and Councils

Committees and Councils

Academic Programs Council

Advises the President, Provost, and the Faculty Senate on matters concerning the institutional programs and curricula of the University of Oklahoma, Norman Campus. Its responsibilities include the formulation of general education policy, the evaluation of existing or proposed programs with regard to their educational value, and the planning and development of future educational programs.

Term: Three (3) Years 

First NameLast NameDepartmentAppointed byTerm Years
*RebeccaHuskeyClassics & LettersFaculty Senate2021 to 2024
AnaBolinoManagement & International BusinessFaculty Senate2021 to 2024
John ScottGreeneGeography & Environmental  SustainabilityPresident2021 to 2024
BrianMcSkimmingEngineeringFaculty Senate2022 to 2025
JacobPleasantsInstructional Leadership & Academic CurriculumPresident2022 to 2025
KarenHayes-ThumannVisual ArtsFaculty Senate2022 to 2025
PaulSpicerAnthropologyFaculty Senate2023 to 2026
SusanBurkeLibrary & Information StudiesPresident2023 to 2026
KellieDyerRegistrarEx OfficioN/A
AndréWrightProvostEx OfficioN/A
MarkMorvantProvostEx OfficioN/A
RinFerraro Student Government Association2023 to 2024
VACANT  Student Government Association 

Academic Regulations Committee

Advises the President, Provost, and University Registrar on matters relating to academic rules and regulations, class schedules, the academic calendar, registration, and the final examination schedule.

Term: Three (3) Years

First NameLast NameDepartmentAppointed byTerm Years
*KellieDyerRegistrar, Norman CampusEx OfficioN/A
DebbieBlevins Manager, Registration/Classroom SchedulingEx OfficioN/A
LoriKlimkowskiRegistrar, HSCEx OfficioN/A
CraigHayesDirector of Admissions, Norman CampusEx OfficioN/A
GlennEdgertonSchool of Fine Arts, DanceFaculty Senate2023 to 2024
MichaelWinstonModern Languages, Literatures, & LinguisticsFaculty Senate2021 to 2024
SuzanneMoonHistory of Science, Technology, & MedicinePresident2022 to 2025
VassiliosSikavitsasChemical, Biological, & Materials EngineeringFaculty Senate2022 to 2025
KateRaymondInstructional Leadership & Academic LeadershipFaculty Senate2023 to 2026
JamieBates SloaneVisual ArtsPresident2023 to 2026
VACANT StudentPresident2023 to 2024
DalaKorloyahStudentSGA2023 to 2024
* Chair    

Athletics Council

Advises on policy relating to intercollegiate athletes including actual and proposed NCAA and Big Twelve rules, financial aid and awards to student-athletes, admissions and academic performance of student-athletes, athletic department financial operation, appointment of key administrators and coaching staff, facilities, scheduling, recruiting, and rule changes.

Term: Three (3) Years

Member NameDepartmentAppointment  TypeAppointed ByTerm
Joe CastiglioneAthleticsEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Gregg GarnPresident's OfficeEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Emily JohnsonModern Languages, Literatures, & LinguisticsFacultyFaculty Senate (Norman)2020 to 2024
Daniel LarsonHealth & Exercise ScienceFacultyFaculty Senate (Norman)2022 to 2026
Sarah RobbinsLibrariesFacultyFaculty Senate (Norman)2023 to 2027
David McLeodSocial WorkFacultyFaculty Senate (Norman)2023 to 2027
Kasie CrallAcademic RecordsStaffStaff Senate (Norman)2022 to 2025
Satish KumarMedicineFacultyFaculty Senate (Health Sciences Center)2020 to 2024
Lindsey MitchellHuman ResourcesStaffStaff Senate (Health Sciences Center)2023 to 2027
Katherine O'NealPharmacyHealth Sciences Center FacultyPresident2020 to 2024
Susan HahnCollege of Business (University Libraries)Norman Campus FacultyPresident2021 to 2025
Kelly FeilleInstructional Leadership & Academic CurriculumNorman Campus FacultyPresident2022 to 2026
Fernando MoralesCross CountryStudent AthletePresident2023 to 2024
Madison ZieschangRowingStudent AthletePresident2023 to 2024
VACANT StudentStudent Government Association (Norman)2023 to 2024
Isha Jhingan / Mason Garza StudentStudent Government Association (Health Sciences Center)2023 to 2024
Andrew HewlettAlumniAlumniPresident2020 to 2024
Greg AndersonAlumniAlumniPresident2020 to 2024

Budget Council

Advises on matters concerning general fiscal policies of University and Provost's area, and reviews budgets from all colleges and Vice President's areas. Also reviews University budget at all stages, and assists in developing budget priorities. 

Term: Three (3) Years

Meeting dates:

Friday 15 Sept 2023 10 -11 a.m. 

Friday 20 October 2023: 10 -11 a.m.  

Friday 17 November 2023: 10-11 a.m.

Friday 15 Dec 2023: 10:11 a.m.

Member NameDepartmentAppt TypeAppointed byTerm
André WrightProvost's OfficeEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Stewart BerkinshawAdministration & FinanceEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Heejin OhnAccountingFacultyFaculty Senate2021 to 2024
J.P. MaslyBiologyFacultyFaculty Senate2021 to 2024
Jude OkolieEngineeringFacultyFaculty Senate2022 to 2025
Keri KornelsonMathematicsFacultyFaculty Senate2023 to 2026
Daniel FryarEarth & EnergyStaffStaff Senate2022 to 2025
Paola ConteArts & SciencesStaffStaff Senate2023 to 2026
*Julia AbramsonModern Languages, Literatures & LinguisticsFacultyPresident2022 to 2025
Sarah RobbinsLibrariesFacultyPresident2023 to 2026
Ashley KilgoreShared Business ServicesStaffPresident2022 to 2025
VACANT StudentPresident2023 to 2024
Christopher Firch StudentStudent Government Association2023 to 2024
Manuvel Sibichan StudentStudent Government Association2023 to 2024

Campus Tenure Council

Reviews all tenure recommendations, advises whether  academic unit's recommendation with regard to both substance and process is sustained by the accompanying documentation and is consistent with approved tenure criteria of the academic unit and the University. Also reviews some promotion cases. 

Term: The Faculty Senate appoints six (6) members to three (3) year terms. One third retire each year There are three (3) Presidentail appointees who also serve for three (3) year terms and retire on the same schedule. All members are tenured.

Member NameDepartmentAppointment TypeAppointed byTerm
VACANTUniversity LibrariesFacultyFaculty Senate2021 to 2024
Norman WongCommunicationsFacultyFaculty Senate2021 to 2024
Daniel LarsonHealth & Exercise ScienceFacultyFaculty Senate2022 to 2025
*Liorah Golomb University LibrariesFacultyFaculty Senate2022 to 2025
Lubomir LitovFinanceFacultyFaculty Senate2023 to 2026
James ZeiglerEnglishFacultyFaculty Senate2023 to 2026
Kalenda EatonAfrican & African American StudiesTenured FacultyPresident2021 to 2024
Darren PurcellGeography & Environmental SustainabilityTenured FacultyPresident2022 to 2025
Somik GhoshConstruction ScienceTenured FacultyPresident2023 to 2026

Commencement Committee

Assists in planning commencement programs and recommends commencement speakers. 

Term: Two (2) Years

First NameLast NameDepartmentTerm Years
ChristopherSadlerFine Arts2022 to 2025

Continuing Education Council

Advises on matters of continuing education, outreach, distance education, and lifelong learning programs.

Term: Three (3) Years

Member NameDepartmentAppointmnt TypeAppointed byTerm
André WrightProvost's OfficeEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Belinda BiscoeOutreachEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Tomas Diaz de la RubiaVice President for Research and PartnershipsEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Randy HewesGrad College Ex OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Talisha Haltiwanger MorrisonWriting CenterFacultyFaculty Senate (Norman)2021 to 2024
Michelle GrunstedManagement & International BusinessFacultyFaculty Senate (Norman)2021 to 2024
Eugenia FuenzalidaPsychologyFacultyFaculty Senate (Norman)2022 to 2025
Susan BurkeLibrary & Information StudiesFacultyFaculty Senate (Norman)2023 to 2026
Rebecca PierceNursingFacultyFaculty Senate (Health Sciences Center)2023 to 2026
Bonnie PitbladoAnthropologyFacultyPresident2022 to 2025
VACANT FacultyPresident2023 to 2026
Charlene Shreder Region 8 Prevention CoordinatorCollege of Continuing Education StaffPresident2021 to 2024
Dick PryorOutreachCollege of Continuing Education StaffPresident2022 to 2025
Anthony NataleSouthwest Center for Human Relations StudiesCollege of Continuing Education StaffPresident2023 to 2026

Employee Benefits Committee

Advises on University employee benefit programs as well as recommends changes in existing programs.

Term: Three (3) Years

Member NameDepartmentAppointment TypeAppointed byTerm
Dorothy AndersonHuman ResourcesEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Lee Camargo-QuinnBenefits (Norman)Ex OfficioEx OfficioN/A

Don Clothier (Primary)

Fran Ayres  (Alternate)

OU Retirees AssociationEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
*Susan HahnUniversity LibrariesFaculty (Norman)Faculty Senate (Norman)2020 to 2024
David HowardMusicFaculty (Norman)Faculty Senate (Norman)2021 to 2025
Diana FitzpatrickProvost's OfficeStaff (Norman)Staff Senate (Norman)2020 to 2024
**Crystal AryMarketing & CommunicationsStaff (Norman)Staff Senate (Norman)2022 to 2026
Fernando Esteban FlorezDentistryFaculty (Health Sciences Center)Faculty Senate (Health Sciences Center)2023 to 2027
Nancy GeigerOtorhinolaryngologyStaff (Health Sciences Center)Staff Senate (Health Sciences Center)2021 to 2025
VACANT Faculty (Norman)President2022 to 2026
Rebecca LarsonHealth & Exercise ScienceFaculty (Norman)President2023 to 2027
Vince Lepak Allied HealthFaculty (Tulsa)President2021 to 2025
Celeste Wirsig-WiechmannMedicineFaculty (Health Sciences Center)President2023 to 2027
William WayneHealth ServicesStaff (Norman)President2021 to 2025
Danielle WalkerInstitutional Equity OfficeStaff (Norman)President2023 to 2027
Beth SullinsEarly Childhood EducationStaff (Tulsa)President2020 to 2024
Carol ClureStaff Senate (Health Sciences Center)Staff (Health Sciences Center)President2023 to 2027
**Vice Chair    

Environmental Concerns Committee

Advises on enviromental issues and education including energy and other resouces, conservation, recycling, as well as personal and environmental well-being and safety. 

Term: Three (3) Years

Member NameDepartmentAppointment TypeAppointed byTerm
Sean BurragePresident's OfficeEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Zev TrachtenbergEnvironmental Studies DirectorEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Ame AziereMarketing & CommunicationsEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Chris SniderEnvironmental Health & Safety Staff DirectorEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Brian HolderreadArchitectural & Engineering Services Ex OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Chengho WangMeteorologyFacultyFaculty Senate2021 to 2024
Julianna KershenInstructional Leadership & Academic CurriculumFacultyFaculty Senate2023 to 2026
Melodi FranklinIndustrial & Systems EngineeringStaffStaff Senate2021 to 2024
Korey WheelerFacilities ManagementStaffStaff Senate2023 to 2026
Cian BrownEducational PsychologyFacultyPresident2022 to 2025
Jared MathisEducation AbroadStaffPresident2022 to 2025
VACANT StudentPresident2023 to 2024
Rylee Houston StudentStudent Government Association2023 to 2024
Amelia Landry StudentStudent Government Association2023 to 2024

Faculty Appeals Board

Faculty Appeals Board members serve four (4) year terms. The board is made up of a pool of faculty members who may be called to respond to matters of tenure abrogation, dismissal, severe sanctions, alleged violations of academic freedom, or due process. Matters of discrimination, harrassment, or graduate assistant grievances may also be presented to the Faculty Appeals Board. Members must be full-time and tenured.

More information can be located in the Faculty Handbook.

First NameLast NameDepartmentTerm Years
ElizabethButlerCivil Engineering & Environmental Science2020 to 2024
JillEdyCommunication2020 to 2024
DanielGlatzhoferChemistry & Biochemistry2020 to 2024
LiorahGolombUniversity Libraries2020 to 2024
TrinaHopeSociology2020 to 2024
VinceLeseneyMusical Theatre2020 to 2024
PatrickLivingoodAnthropology2020 to 2024
GarretOlberdingHistory2020 to 2024
YingWangMathematics2020 to 2024
RozmeriBasicVisual Arts2021 to 2025
DonnaNelsonChemistry and Biochemistry2021 to 2024
ShaneBradySocial Work2021 to 2025
SusanHahnUniversity Libraries2021 to 2025
ElaineHsiehCommunications 2021 to 2025
EmilyJohnsonModern Languages, Literatures, & Linguistics2021 to 2025
GregMcFarquharMeteorology2021 to 2025
TracyPearlLaw 2021 to 2025
ChristopherSadlerDrama2021 to 2025
TomSteeleUniversity Libraries2021 to 2025
RienkVermijHistory of Science, Technology, & Medicine2021 to 2025
BinWangChemical, Biological, & Materials Engineering2021 to 2025
SeanO'NeillAnthropology2022 to 2023
TylerRansomEconomics2022 to 2023
MarilynByrdHuman Relations2022 to 2024
SomikGhoshConstruction Science2022 to 2024
PiersHaleHistory of Science, Technology, & Medicine2022 to 2024
BenKeenEconomics2022 to 2024
JanetteHabashiHuman Relations2022 to 2025
*BorisApanasovMathematics2022 to 2026
MarshallCheneyHealth & Exercise Science2022 to 2026
LynCramerMusical Theatre2022 to 2026
DarrenPurcellGeography & Environmental Sustainability2022 to 2026
EllenRubensteinLibrary & Information Studies2022 to 2026
ValentinRybenkovChemistry & Biochemistry2022 to 2026
LaurieScrivenerUniversity Libraries2022 to 2026
VassiliosSikavitsasBiomedical Engineering2022 to 2026
JacquelynSlater-ReeseUniversity Libraries2022 to 2026
Ann-MarieSzymanskiPolitical Science2022 to 2026
SarahTrabertAnthropology2022 to 2026
EugeniaFuenzalidaPsychology2023 to 2027
RebeccaLarsonHealth & Exercise Science2023 to 2027
MatthewPailesAnthropology2023 to 2027
GlennEdgertonDance2023 to 2027
LubomirLitovFinance2023 to 2027
CharlesIngeneMarketing2023 to 2027
ZhiboYangChemistry & Biochemistry2023 to 2027
HamidrezaKaramiPetroleum & Geological Engineering2023 to 2027
LaurieScrivenerUniversity Libraries2023 to 2027
JamesZeiglerEnglish2023 to 2027
AndreanaPrichardHonors2023 to 2027
JacquelynReeseWestern History2023 to 2027
ClaudeMillerCommunication2022 to 2026
* Chair   

Faculty Honors & Awards Council

Recommends candidates for David Ross Boyd Professorships, Regents Awards, and other faculty awards and honors. 

Term: Three (3) Years

Member NameDepartmentAppointment TypeAppointed byTerm
*Emily JohnsonModern Languages, Literatures, & LinguisticsFacultyFaculty Senate (Norman)2021 to 2024
Uldarico SarmientoDramaFacultyFaculty Senate (Norman)2022 to 2025
Ellen GreeneClassics & LettersFacultyFaculty Senate (Norman)2022 to 2025
Rusty JonesPhilosophyFacultyFaculty Senate (Norman)2023 to 2026
Stefano TarantiniCollege of Allied HealthFacultyFaculty Senate (Health Sciences Center)2022 to 2025
Katharine O’NealPharmacyFacultyFaculty Senate (Health Sciences Center)2023 to 2026
Emma KientzNursing (Health Sciences Center Tulsa)FacultyFaculty Senate (Health Sciences Center)2023 to 2026
Andrew John College of Allied HealthFacultyPresident2021 to 2024
Frederick MillerMedicineFacultyPresident2021 to 2024
Megan Elwood MaddenGeosciencesFacultyPresident2023 to 2026
Maria de Asis StudentPresident2023 to 2024
Marsha Williams AlumnaPresident2022 to 2024

Faculty Scholars Steering Committee

In collaboration with the Center for Teaching Excellence, this committee plans and implements an annual OU Norman Campus conference with a keynote speaker and breakout paper session.

First NameLast NameDepartmentTerm of ServiceAppointed by
SomikGhoshConstruction Science2021 to 2024Faculty Senate
JanelCavazosPsychology2021 to 2024Faculty Senate
BruceMasonPhysics & Astronomy2021 to 2024Provost
LanceLobbanChemical, Biological, & Mechanical Engineering2022 to 2025Provost
AngelaPersonArchitecture2022 to 2025Faculty Senate
MichaelBeardenDance2022 to 2025Faculty Senate

Goddard Health Center Advisory Board

Advises on administrative policy.

Member NameDepartmentAppointment TypeAppointed byTerm
Craig RiceChief Medical Staff, GoddardEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Diana BiggerstaffHuman ResourcesEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Kristen PartridgeAssociate Vice President for Student AffairsEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
William WayneDirector of Health ServicesEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Christopher FirchStudent Government Association PresidentEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Abby Halsey-KrausStudent Congress ChairEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Robert OkelloInternational Advisory Committee PresidentEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Ellen RubensteinLibrary & Information StudiesFacultyFaculty Senate2020 to 2024
Eugenia FuenzalidaPsychologyFacultyFaculty Senate2022 to 2025
Ross MehlProfessional and Continuing Studies AdmissionsStaffStaff Senate2023 to 2026
Ann SchaferGender & Equality CenterStaffStudent Affairs2022 to 2025
Ann SeelyFaculty SenateStaffPresident2023 to 2026
Seethal Madhaparapu Health Care ExpertPresident2023 to 2026
Theodore (Ted) Boehm Health Care ExpertPresident2023 to 2026
Anne Claire Weaver StudentStudent Government Association2023 to 2024
Carolyn Berggren  StudentStudent Government Association2023 to 2024
Jordan Norris Student/Graduate Student Senate ChairGraduate Student Senate 2023 to 2024

Honorary Degrees Screening

Reviews documentation supporting the nomination of those who qualify because of extraordinary achievement or in recognition of outstanding contributions to the welfare and/or enrichment of the University, State, nation, or world. 

Member NameDepartmentAppointment TypeAppointed byTerm
Melissa CapertonDirector of Communications, Marketing & CommunicationsEx OfficioPolicyN/A
Amy NoahVice President and Chief Advancement Officer, OU FoundationEx OfficioPolicyN/A
Gary RaskobSenior Vice President & Provost (Health Sciences Center)Ex OfficioPolicyN/A
André WrightSenior Vice President & Provost (Norman)Ex OfficioPolicyN/A
Eric StevensonVice Chairman, Board of RegentsEx OfficioEx Officio2023 to 2024
Patsy SmithNursingFacultyFaculty Senate (Health Sciences Center)2022 to 2025
Susan HahnUniversity LibrariesFacultyFaculty Senate (Norman)2024 to 2026
Emily JohnsonUniversity Council on Faculty Awards and HonorsFacultyUniversity Council on Faculty Awards and Honors2022 to 2025
VACANTUniversity Council on Faculty Awards and HonorsFacultyPresident2023 to 2026
VACANT Dean of Degree Recommending Colleges (Health Sciences Center)President2023 to 2026
Berrien MooreAtmospheric & Geographic SciencesDean of Degree Recommending Colleges (Norman)President2022 to 2025
VACANT Dean of Degree Recommending Colleges (Norman)President2022 to 2025

Inclusion Council    

Members provide feedback and insight into pending concerns or pressing issues that could impact the larger OU community. This team brainstorms new ways of creating processes that could help to decrease barriers and increase that sense of belonging for students, faculty, and staff. 

First NameLast NameDepartmentTerm of ServiceAppointed by
RoksanaAlaviProfessional & Continuing Studies2022 to 2025Faculty Senate
DeborahMoore-RussoMathematics2022 to 2025Faculty Senate

Information Technology Council

Advises on policy and planning aspects of information technology and resources on the Norman campus.

Member NameDepartmentAppointment TypeAppointed byTerm
David HortonVice President of Information TechnologyEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Sean BurrageVice President for Executive AffairsEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Aaron BiggsAssociate Provost for Academic TechnologyEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Stewart BerkinshawAssociate Vice President & Chief Budget OfficerEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
David EbertComputer Science, Associate Vice President of Research & Partnerships Ex OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Sam HuskeyClassics & LettersFacultyFaculty Senate2021 to 2024
Richard Sprecker DramaFacultyFaculty Senate2021 to 2024
Andy FaggComputer ScienceFacultyFaculty Senate2022 to 2025
Suzanne MoonHistory of Science, Technology, & MedicineFacultyFaculty Senate2022 to 2025
Chris DaltonAerospace & Mechanical EngineeringFacultyFaculty Senate2023 to 2026
Robert KellyInformation TechnologyStaffStaff Senate2021 to 2024
Keiana CrossCenter for Education & CommunityStaffStaff Senate2022 to 2025
Wendi IacobelloOffice of Digital LearningStaffStaff Senate2023 to 2026
Rin FerraroVice Chair, Graduate Student SenateStudentStudent Government Association2023 to 2024
VACANT StudentStudent Government Association2023 to 2024
Claire BirchChair, Graduate Student SenateStudentGraduate Student Senate2023 to 2024

Advises the Hearing Panel of the Faculty Appeals Board, providing legal and procedural advice. Committee membership is made up of attorneys.

Term: Three (3) Years

Member NameDepartmentAppointment TypeAppointed byTerm
Rebekah TaylorLawFacultyFaculty Senate2021 to 2024
Michele GrunstedManagement & International BusinessFacultyFaculty Senate2021 to 2024
VACANTLawFacultyFaculty Senate2022 to 2025
Zachary SchmookLawFacultyFaculty Senate2023 to 2026
Eric JohnsonLawFacultyPresident2022 to 2025
VACANTLawFacultyPresident2023 to 2026

University Libraries Committee

Advises on criteria for apportionment of funds for books and periodicals. Also recomments on matters of policy concerning the University Library system.

NameDepartmentCharter CategoryAppointed byTerm
Denise StephensDean, University LibrariesUniversity LibrariesEx OfficioN/A
Heather Rae KetchumBiologyArts & Sciences (Natural & Life Sciences)Faculty Senate2021 to 2024
Corey PeltierEducational PsychologyEducationFaculty Senate2021 to 2024
Mohammad AlmasriModern Languages, Literatures, & LinguisticsInternational & Area StudiesFaculty Senate2021 to 2024
Robert LifsetHonors College University LibrariesFaculty Senate2022 to 2025
Sarah TracyHonors CollegeProfessional & Continuing Studies / HonorsFaculty Senate2022 to 2025
Ellen RubensteinLibrary & Information StudiesArts & Sciences (Professional)Faculty Senate2022 to 2025
VACANT  Faculty Senate2023 to 2026
Charles IngeneMarketingBusinessFaculty Senate2023 to 2026
Jensen MoorePublic Relations (Gaylord)JournalismFaculty Senate2023 to 2026
Allison PalmerVisual ArtsFine ArtsPresident2021 to 2024
Deepak DevegowdaGeosciencesAtmospheric & Geographic Sciences / Earth & EnergyPresident2021 to 2024
Jermaine ThibodeauxAfrican & African American StudiesArts & Sciences (Humanities)President2022 to 2025
Brian McSkimmingEngineering PathwaysEngineeringPresident2023 to 2026
VACANT Arts & Sciences (Social Sciences)President2023 to 2026
Rin Ferraro Graduate StudentStudent Government Association2023 to 2024
VACANT Undergraduate StudentStudent Government Association2023 to 2024

Publications Board

Oversees school newspaper and yearbook by establishing, implementing, and monitoring editorial, fiscal, production, and personnel policies.

Member NameDepartmentAppointment TypeAppointed byTerm
David CraigInterim Dean, College of Journalism & Mass CommunicationEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Seth PrinceStudent Media Director & Newsroom AdvisorEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Karoline LeonardEditor, The Oklahoma DailyEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Lynn NguyenAdvertising & Marketing AdvisorEx OfficioEx OfficioN/A
Tom SteeleUniversity LibrariesFacultyFaculty Senate2022 to 2025
Melanie WildermanJournalism & Mass CommunicationFacultyCollege of Journalism2021 to 2024
Kathryn GebauerAtmospheric & Geographic SciencesStaffStaff Senate2023 to 2026
Geneva MurrayCenter for Faculty ExcellenceStaffPresident2022 to 2025
Maria de Asis StudentPresident2023 to 2024
Carter Strickland StudentStudent Government Association2023 to 2024
Chase Pride StudentAdvertising & Marketing Division Staff2023 to 2024
Anusha Fathepure StudentNews Division Staff2023 to 2024
Peggy Dodd StudentNews Division Staff2023 to 2024
VACANT StudentStudent Affairs2023 to 2024
Adam BrooksCandor Public RelationsAlumniStudent Media2023 to 2026
Mike ShermanWorking Press, Oklahoma CityMember of Working PressOklahoma Press Association2021 to 2024

Research Council

Promotes and develops research and creative activity through advice to the President and other administrators; evaluates internal proposals, and recommends candidates for research professorships.

Member NameDepartmentAppointment TypeResearch CategoryAppointed byTerm
Tomás Diaz de la RubiaVice President for Research & PartnershipsEx OfficioN/AEx OfficioN/A
Julia AbramsonDesignate for Vice President for Research & PartnershipsEx OfficioN/AEx OfficioN/A
Kendra Williams-DiehmEducational PsychologyFacultyEducation, Professional, & OtherFaculty 
2021 to 2024
Michael WimberlyGeography & Environmental SustainabilityFacultyEngineering, Energy, Mathematics, & Physical SciencesFaculty 
2021 to 2024
Luca FornelliBiologyFacultyLife Sciences & EducationFaculty 
2021 to 2024
Sarah TrabertAnthropologyFacultySocial & Behavioral SciencesFaculty 
2021 to 2024
Uldarico SarmientoDramaFacultyFine ArtsFaculty 
2022 to 2025
Farina KingNative American StudiesFacultyHumanitiesFaculty 
2022 to 2025
Firat DemirEconomicsFacultySocial & Behavioral SciencesFaculty 
2022 to 2025
Cedric TolliverEnglishFacultyHumanitiesFaculty 
2023 to 2026
Somik GhoshConstruction ScienceFacultyEducation, Professional, & OtherFaculty 
2023 to 2026
Seth GordonDramaFacultyFine ArtsFaculty 
2023 to 2026
Mohammad AlmasriInternational Area Studies / Modern Languages, Literatures, & LinguisticsFacultyHumanitiesPresident2021 to 2024
Ingo SchluppBiologyFacultyLife Sciences & EducationPresident2022 to 2025
Samuel PerrySociologyFacultySocial & Behavioral SciencesPresident2022 to 2025
Ziho KangIndustrial & Systems EngineeringFacultyEngineering, Energy, Mathematics, & Physical SciencesPresident2023 to 2026
Courtney HofmanAnthropologyFacultyEngineering, Energy, Mathematics, & Physical SciencesPresident2023 to 2026

Retirement Plans Management Committee

Helps ensure the University's retirement plans are managed in the best interest of plan participants and in compliance with applicable regulations. 

Member NameDepartmentAppt TypeAppointed byTerm
*Terry HensonFinancial AdministratorAdministrativePresidentN/A
Dorothy AndersonHuman Relations AdministratorAdministrativePresidentN/A
Michael FergusonHealth Sciences Center AdministratorAdministrativePresidentN/A
Ninette Carter Cameron AdministratorAdministrativePresidentN/A
Mark RasorRogers State AdministratorAdministrativePresidentN/A
VACANT FacultyPresident2021 to 2024
Marvin WilliamsMedicineFacultyPresident2022 to 2025
Nick PanFinanceFacultyPresident2022 to 2025
Keri KornelsonMathematicsFacultyPresident2023 to 2026

Rita Lottinville Prize for Freshmen Committee

Committee nominates freshmen students to receive the Rita H. Lottinville prize based on academic and social achievements.

This prize is administered through The University of Oklahoma Foundation.

Member NameDepartmentAppointment TypeAppointed byTerm
*Guy PattonOU Foundation PresidentEx OfficioSavoie Lottinville AgreementN/A
Anna TrevinoEducational LeadershipFacultyFaculty Senate2021 to 2024
Brittany HottEducational PsychologyFacultyFaculty Senate2021 to 2024
VACANT FacultyFaculty Senate2022 to 2025
Nahuel TelleriaDramaFacultyFaculty Senate2023 to 2026
Matthew StockUniversity LibrariesFacultyPresident2021 to 2024
Justin ReedyCommunicationFacultyPresident2022 to 2025
Janette HabashiHuman RelationsFacultyPresident2023 to 2026
*Standing Chair    

ROTC Advisory Committee

Advises on all matters concerning military education on campus, reviews all ROTC instructor appointments, and participates in interviews for commanding officers of each unit. 

Member NameDepartmentAppointment TypeAppointed byTerm
Kate BusselleDanceFacultyFaculty Senate2021 to 2024
Edgar O'RearSustainable Chemical, Biological, & Materials EngineeringFacultyFaculty Senate2021 to 2024
Christopher SadlerDramaFacultyFaculty Senate2022 to 2025
VACANT FacultyFaculty Senate2023 to 2026
Scott Lamothe Political ScienceFacultyPresident2021 to 2024

Shared Leave Committee

Monitors the shared leave program and makes recommendations to the administration and employee governance groups. Also approves the distribution of shared leave. 

Member NameDepartmentAppointment TypeAppointed byTerm
*Lee Camargo-QuinnHuman ResourcesEx OfficioAdministratorN/A
Matthew StockUniversity LibrariesFacultyFaculty Senate2021 to 2024
Jacquelyn Slater ReeseUniversity LibrariesFacultyFaculty Senate2022 to 2025
VACANT FacultyFaculty Senate2023 to 2026
Katherine McRaeCarl Albert CenterStaffStaff Senate 2021 to 2024
Carrie ClarkRisk ManagementStaffStaff Senate2022 to 2025
Catherine BowersArts & SciencesStaffStaff Senate2023 to 2026
*Permanent Chair    

Student Conduct Hearing Panel Pool

Partipates in student disciplinary cases which may result in suspension or expulsion of a student. 

Member NameDepartmentAppointment TypeAppointed byTerm
Gail MullinsLawFacultyFaculty Senate2022 to 2024
Christopher SadlerDramaFacultyFaculty Senate2022 to 2024
Heather KetchumBiologyFacultyFaculty Senate2022 to 2024
Sarah TrabertAnthropologyFacultyFaculty Senate2022 to 2024
VACANT FacultyFaculty Senate2022 to 2024
Eugenia FuenzalidaPsychologyFacultyFaculty Senate2023 to 2025
Laurie ScrivenerUniversity LibrariesFacultyFaculty Senate2023 to 2025
Sam HuskeyClassics & LettersFacultyFaculty Senate2023 to 2025
Christina BourneChemistry/BiochemistryFacultyFaculty Senate2023 to 2025
Kate BusselleDramaFacultyFaculty Senate2023 to 2025
Jeff BiggerstaffEngineering (Dean)StaffStaff Senate2022 to 2024
Ann SeelyFaculty SenateStaffStaff Senate2022 to 2024
Conor JohnsonAcademic Advising Resource CenterStaffStaff Senate2022 to 2024
Quincy GarnerBursarStaffStaff Senate 2022 to 2024
Laura VealHousing & Food ServicesStaffStaff Senate2022 to 2024
Stacy LemmertResidence LifeStaffStaff Senate2023 to 2025
Sherry IsomPrice Academic Advising ServicesStaffStaff Senate2023 to 2025
Jennie LazarArts & SciencesStaffStaff Senate 2023 to 2025
Tina HendersonOU Center for Independent & Distant Learning Testing CenterStaffStaff Senate2023 to 2025
Bonnie PriddyCenter for Public ManagementStaffStaff Senate2023 to 2025
Nathaneal Reese  StudentStudent Government Association2022 to 2024
Susannah Lee StudentStudent Government Association2023 to 2025
Manuvel Sibichan  StudentStudent Government Association2023 to 2025
Abby Halsey-Kraus  StudentStudent Government Association2023 to 2025
Arine Mkhitaryan  StudentStudent Government Association2023 to 2025
Noelle Hargrave  StudentStudent Government Association2023 to 2025
Tucker Dunn  StudentStudent Government Association2023 to 2025
Caleb Robinson  StudentStudent Government Association2023 to 2025

Tobacco and Parking Violations Appeals Committee

Body before which faculty and staff may contest tobacco and parking tickets.

Member NameDepartmentAppointment  TypeAppointed byTerm
Jeremy RossOklahoma Biological SurveyFacultyFaculty Senate2021 to 2024
Rebecca LarsonHealth & Exercise ScienceFacultyFaculty Senate2023 to 2026
Jonathan DewhirstFitness & RecreationStaffStaff Senate2022 to 2025
Brittany ElliottEngineeringStaffStaff Senate2023 to 2026
Amy PepperLawFacultyPresident2021 to 2024
Sarah TrabertAnthropologyFacultyPresident2022 to 2025
Cathy KraneEnterprise Risk ManagementStaffPresident2021 to 2024
Anthony VogtUniversity CollegeStaffPresident2022 to 2025