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Committees and Councils

Committees and Councils

Academic Programs Council

Advises on instructional programs and curricula, evaluates existing programs, plans and develops new educational programs, recommends means of improving teaching, and anticipates future educational needs.

Term: Three (3) Years 

First NameLast NameDepartmentAppointed byTerm Years
*RebeccaHuskeyClassics & LettersFaculty Senate2021 to 2024
AnaBolinoManagement Faculty Senate2021 to 2024
John S.GreeneGeography & Environmental  SustainabilityPresident2021 to 2024
BrianMcSkimmingEngineeringFaculty Senate2023 to 2025
JacobPleasantsEducational LeadershipPresident2022 to 2025
KarenHayes-ThumannVisual ArtsFaculty Senate2022 to 2025
PaulSpicerAnthropologyFaculty Senate2023 to 2026
SusanBurkeUniversity LibrariesFaculty Senate2023 to 2026
JohnScott GreeneGeograpy & Environmental SustainabilityPresident2021 to 2024
MarkMorvantProvost's OfficeEx Officio 
KelliDyerRegistrarEx Officio 
Kelly StoutClassroom ManagementEx Officio 

Academic Regulations Committee

Advises on matters relating to academic rules and regulations such as undergraduate admissions, credit and transfer policy, withdrawals, classifications, academic probation, grading pratices and conferral of degrees. Also advises on matters or class schedules, academic calendar, registration and final exams

Term: Three (3) Years

First NameLast NameDepartmentAppointed byTerm Years
KellieDyerRegistrar, Norman CampusEx Officio 
DebbieBlevins Manager, Registration/Classroom SchedulingEx Officio 
LoriKlimkowskiRegistrar HSCEx Officio 
CraigHayesDirector of Admissions, Norman CampusEx Officio 
GlennEdgertonSchool of Fine Arts, DanceFaculty Senate2023 to 2024
MichaelWinstonModern Languages, Literatures, & LinguisticsFaculty Senate2021 to 2024
SuzanneMoonHistory of Science, Technology, & MedicinePresident2022 to 2025
VassiliosSikavitsasChemical, Biological, & Materials EngineeringFaculty Senate2022 to 2025
KateRaymondInstructional Leadership & Academic Leadership 2023 to 2026
JamieBates SloaneVisual ArtsPresident2023 to 2026
VACANT StudentPresident2023 to 2024
DalaKorloyahStudentSGA2023 to 2024

Athletics Council

Advises on policy relating to intercollegiate athletes including actual and proposed NCAA and Big Twelve rules, financial aid and awards to student-ahtletes, admissions and academic performance of student-athletes, athletic department financial operation, appointment of key administrators and coaching staff, facilities, scheduling, recruiting, and rule changes.

Term: Three (3) Years

First NameLast NameDepartmentAppointed byTerm
JoeCastiglioneAthleticsEx Officio 
GreggGarnPresident's OfficeEx Officio 
**EmilyJohnsonModern Languages, Literatures, & LinguisticsFaculty Senate2020 to 2024
SusanHahnCollege of Business (Libraries)President2021 to 2025
*DanielLarsonHealth & Exercise ScienceFaculty Senate2022 to 2026
KellyFeilleInstructional LeadershipPresident2022 to 2026
SarahRobbinsUniversity LibrariesFaculty Senate2023 to 2027
DavidMcLeodSocial WorkFaculty Senate2023 to 2027
KasieCrallAcademic RecordsStaff Senate2022 to 2025
SatishKumarMedicineHSC Staff Senate2020 to 2024
LindseyMitchellHuman ResourcesStaff Senate2023 to 2027
KatherineO'NealPharmacyPresident2020 to 2024
IshaJhingan/Mason GarzaStudentHSC SGA2023 to 2024
Andrew HewlettAlumniPresident2020 to 2024
GregAndersonAlumniPresident2020 to 2024
VACANT Student AthletePresident20023 to 2024
VACANT Student AthletePresident2023 to 2024
VACANT StudentNC SGA2023 to 2024
**Vice Chair    

Budget Council

Advises on matters concerning general fiscal policies of University and Provost's area, and reviews budgets from all colleges and Vice President's areas. Also reviews University budget at all stages, and assists in developing budget priorities. 

Term: Three (3) Years

Meeting dates:

Friday 15 Sept 2023 10 -11 a.m. 

Friday 20 October 2023: 10 -11 a.m.  

Friday 17 November 2023: 10-11 a.m.

Friday 15 Dec 2023: 10:11 a.m.

First NameLast NameDepartmentFaculty/Staff/Student Appointed byTerm
AndreWrightProvostProvostEx Officio 
StewartBerkinshawAdministration & FinaniceAdministrationEx Officio 
HeejinOhnAccountingFacultyFaculty Senate2021 to 2024
J.P.MaslyBiologyFacultyFaculty Senate2021 to 2024
JudeOkolieEngineeringFacultyFaculty Senate2022 to 2025
KeriKornelsonMathmaticsFacultyFaculty Senate2023 to 2026
Daniel FryarEarth & EnergyStaffStaff Senate2022 to 2025
PaolaConteCollege of Arts & SciencesStaffStaff Senate2023-2026
*JuliaAbramsonModern Languages, Literature &LinguisticsFacultyPresident2022 to 2025
SarahRobbinsLibrariesFacultyPresident2023to 2026
AshleyKilgoreShared Business ServicesStaffPresident2022 to 2025
VACANT  StudentPresident 
ChristopherFirch StudentStudent Government2023 to 2024
ManuvelSibichan StudentStudent Government2023 to 2024
*2023 to 2024 Chair     

Campus Tenure Council

Reviews all tenure recommendations, advises whether  academic unit's recommendation with regard to both substance and process is sustained by the accompanying documentation and is consistent with approved tenure criteria of the academic unit and the University. Also reviews some promotion cases. 

Term: The Faculty Senate appoints six (6) members to three (3) year terms. One third retire each year There are three (3) Presidentail appointees who also serve for three (3) year terms and retire on the same schedule. All members are tenured.

First NameLast NameDepartment or CollegeAppointed byTerm
VACANT  Faculty Senate2021 to 2024
KalendaEatonAfrican & African American Studies President2021 to 2024
*LiorahGolombUniversity LibrariesFaculty Senate2022 to 2025
SomikGhoshConstruction Science President2023 to 2026
DanielLarsonHealth & Exercise ScienceFaculty Senate2022 to 2025
LubomirLitovFinanceFaculty Senate2023 to 2026
DarrenPurcellGeography & Environmental SustainabilityPresident2022 to 2025
NormanWongCommunicationsFaculty Senate2021 to 2024
JamesZeiglerEnglishFaculty Senate2023 to 2026

Commencement Committee

Assists in planning commencement programs and recommends commencement speakers. 

Term: Two (2) Years

First NameLast NameDepartmentTerm Years
ChristopherSadlerUniversity Libraries
2022 to 2525

Continuing Education Council

Advises on matters of continuing education, outreach, distance education, and lifelong learning programs.

Term: Three (3) Years

First NameLast NameDepartmentTerm YearsAppointed by
SusanBurkeSchool of Library & Institutional Sciences2023 to 2026Faculty Senate
KristyBrugarInstitutional Leadership & Academic Curriculum2023 to 2026Faculty Senate
MichaelSoreghanGeosciences2020 to 2023President
MichelleGrunstedManagement & International Business2021 to 2024Faculty Senate
TalishaHaltiwanger MorrisonWriting Center2021 to 2024Faculty Senate
EugeniaFuenzalidaPsychology2022 to 2025Faculty Senate
BonniePitbladoAnthropology2022 to 2025President

Employee Benefits Committee

Advises on University employee benefit programs as well as recommends changes in existing programs.

Term: Three (3) Years

First NameLast NameDepartmentTerm YearsAppointed by
RebeccaLarsonPolitical Science2023 to 2027President
SusanHahnUniversity Libraries2020 to 2024Faculty Senate 
DavidHowardMusic2021 to 2025Faculty Senate
BrendaBarnesLaw2022 to 2026President

Environmental Concerns Committee

Advises on enviromental issues and education including energy and other resouces, conservation, recycling, as well as personal and environmental well-being and safety. 

Term: Three (3) Years

First NameLast NameDepartmentTerm YearsAppointed by 
JuliannaKershenInstructional Leadership & Academic Curriculum2023 to 2026Faculty Senate
ChenghoaWangMeteorology2021 to 2024Faculty Senate
CianBrownEducational Psychology2022 to 2025President

Faculty Appeals Board

Faculty Appeals Board members serve four (4) year terms. The board is made up of a pool of faculty members who may be called to respond to matters of tenure abrogation, dismissal, severe sanctions, alleged violations of academic freedom, or due process. Matters of discrimination, harrassment, or graduate assistant grievances may also be presented to the Faculty Appeals Board. Members must be full-time and tenured.

More information can be located in the Faculty Handbook.

First NameLast NameDepartmentTerm Years
ElizabethButlerCivil Engineering & Environmental Science2020 to 2024
JillEdyCommunication2020 to 2024
DanielGlatzhoferChemistry & Biochemistry2020 to 2024
LiorahGolombUniversity Libraries2020 to 2024
TrinaHopeSociology2020 to 2024
VinceLeseneyMusical Theatre2020 to 2024
PatrickLivingoodAnthropology2020 to 2024
GarretOlberdingHistory2020 to 2024
YingWangMathematics2020 to 2024
RozmeriBasicVisual Arts2021 to 2025
DonnaNelsonChemistry and Biochemistry2021 to 2024
ShaneBradySocial Work2021 to 2025
SusanHahnUniversity Libraries2021 to 2025
ElaineHsiehCommunications 2021 to 2025
EmilyJohnsonModern Languages, Literatures, & Linguistics2021 to 2025
GregMcFarquharMeteorology2021 to 2025
TracyPearlLaw 2021 to 2025
ChristopherSadlerDrama2021 to 2025
TomSteeleUniversity Libraries2021 to 2025
RienkVermijHistory of Science, Technology, & Medicine2021 to 2025
BinWangChemical, Biological, & Materials Engineering2021 to 2025
SeanO'NeillAnthropology2022 to 2023
TylerRansomEconomics2022 to 2023
MarilynBirdHuman Relations2022 to 2024
SomikGhoshConstruction Science2022 to 2024
PiersHaleHistory of Science, Technology, & Medicine2022 to 2024
BenKeenEconomics2022 to 2024
JanetteHabashiHuman Relations2022 to 2025
*BorisApanasovMathematics2022 to 2026
MarshallCheneyHealth & Exercise Science2022 to 2026
LynCramerMusical Theatre2022 to 2026
EugeniaFuenzalidaPsychology2022 to 2026
ClaudeMillerCommunication2022 to 2026
DarrenPurcellGeography & Environmental Sustainability2022 to 2026
EllenRubensteinLibrary & Information Studies2022 to 2026
ValentinRybenkovChemistry & Biochemistry2022 to 2026
LaurieScrivenerUniversity Libraries2022 to 2026
VassiliosSikavitsasBiomedical Engineering2022 to 2026
JacquelynSlater-ReeseUniversity Libraries2022 to 2026
Ann-MarieSzymanskiPolitical Science2022 to 2026
SarahTrabertAnthropology2022 to 2026
EugeniaFuenzalidaPsychology2023 to 2027
RebeccaLarsonHealth & Exercise Science2023 to 2027
MatthewPailesAnthropology2023 to 2027
GlennEdgertonDance2023 to 2027
LubomirLitovFinance2023 to 2027
CharlesIngeneMarketing2023 to 2027
ZhiboYangChemistry & Biochemistry2023 to 2027
HamidrezaKaramiPetroleum & Geological Engineering2023 to 2027
LaurieScrivenerUniversity Libraries2023 to 2027
JamesZeiglerEnglish2023 to 2027
AndreanaPrichardHonors2023 to 2027
JacquelynReeseWestern History2023 to 2027

Faculty Honors & Awards Council

Recommends candidates for David Ross Boyd Professorships, Regents Awards, and other faculty awards and honors. 

Term: Three (3) Years

First NameLast NameDepartmentTerm YearsAppointed by
Rusty JonesPhilosophy2023 to 2026Faculty Senate
MeganElwood MaddenGeosciences2023 to 2026President
*EmilyJohnsonModern Languages, Literatures & Linguistics2021 to 2024Faculty Senate
CalebFultonElectrical & Computer Engineering2023 to 2024President
EllenGreeneClassics & Letters2022 to 2025Faculty Senate
UdaricoSarmientoDrama2022 to 2025Faculty Senate
EugeniaFuenzalidaPsychology2022 to 2025Faculty Senate

Faculty Scholars Steering Committee

In collaboration with the Center for Teaching Excellence, this committee plans and implements an annual OU Norman Campus conference with a keynote speaker and breakout paper session.

First NameLast NameDepartmentTerm of ServiceAppointed by
SomikGhoshConstruction Science2021 to 2024Faculty Senate
JanelCavazosPsychology2021 to 2024Faculty Senate
BruceMasonPhysics & Astronomy2021 to 2024Provost
LanceLobbanChemical, Biological, & Mechanical Engineering2022 to 2025Provost
AngelaPersonArchitecture2022 to 2025Faculty Senate
MichaelBeardenDance2022 to 2025Faculty Senate

Goddard Health Center Advisory Board

Advises on administrative policy.

First NameLast NameDepartmentTerm of ServiceAppointed by
EllenRubensteinLibrary & Information Studues2021 to 2024Faculty Senate
EugeniaFuenzalidaPsychology2022 to 2025Faculty Senate

Honorary Degrees Screening

Reviews documentation supporting the nomination of those who qualify because of  extraordinary achievement or in recognition of outstanding contributions to the welfare and/or enrichment of the University, State, nation, or world. 

First NameLast NameDepartmentTerm of ServiceAppointed by
PaulBellCollege of Arts & Sciences2020 to 2023Faculty Senate
Emily JohnsonHistory2020 to 2023President
EugeniaFuenzalida 2022 to 2025Awards and Honors 

Inclusion Council    

Members provide feedback and insight into pending concerns or pressing issues that could impact the larger OU community. This team brainstorms new ways of creating processes that could help to decrease barriers and increase that sense of belonging for students, faculty, and staff. 

First NameLast NameDepartmentTerm of ServiceAppointed by
RoksanaAlaviProfessional & Continuing Studies2022 to 2025Faculty Senate
DeborahMoore-RussoMathematics2022 to 2025Faculty Senate

Information Technology Council

Advises on policy and planning aspects of information technology and resources on the Norman campus.

First NameLast NameDepartmentTerm of ServiceAppointed by
ChrisDaltonAerospace & Mechanical Engineering2023 to 2026Faculty Senate
SamHuskeyClassics & Letters2021 to 2024Faculty Senate
RichardSpreckerDrama2021 to 2024Faculty Senate
AndyFaggComputer Science2022 to 2025Faculty Senate
SuzanneMoonHistory of Science, Technology, & Medicine2022 to 2025Faculty Senate

Advises the Hearing Panel of the Faculty Appeals Board, providing legal and procedural advice. Committee membership is made up of attorneys.

Term: Three (3) Years

First NameLast NameDepartmentTerm of ServiceAppointed by
VACANT Law2023 to 2026President
ZacharySchmookLaw2023 to 2026Faculty Senate
MichelleGrunstedManagement & International Business2021 to 2024Faculty Senate
RebekahTaylorLaw2021 to 2024Faculty Senate
BrendaBarnesLaw2021 to 2024Faculty Senate
EricJohnsonLaw2022 to 2025President

University Libraries Committee

Advises on criteria for apportionment of funds for books and periodicals. Also recomments on matters of policy concerning the University Library system.

First NameLast NameDepartmentTerm of ServiceAppointed by
CharlesIngeneMarketing2023 to 2026Faculty Senate
DavidBoeckArchitecture2023 to 2026Faculty Senate
ThomasFennAnthropology2023 to 2026Faculty Senate
JensenMoorePublic Relations (Gaylord)2023 to 2026Faculty Senate
JudeOkolieEngineering Pathways2023 to 2026Faculty Senate
DeepakDevegowdaPetroleum & Geological Engineering2021 to 2024Faculty Senate
CoreyPeltierEducational Psychology2021 to 2024Faculty Senate
Heather RaeKetchumBiology2021 to 2024Faculty Senate
MahammadAl-MasriModern Languages, Literature, & Linguistics  / International & Areas Studies2021 to 2024Faculty Senate
AllisonPalmerVisual Arts2021 to 2024Faculty Senate
RobertLifsetHonors College2022 to 2025Faculty Senate
EllenRubensteinLibrary & Information Studies2022 to 2025Faculty Senate
KariAntellUniversity Libraries2022 to 2025Faculty Senate
JermaineThibodeauxAfrican & African American Studies2022 to 2025President

Publications Board

Oversees school newspaper and yearbook by establishing, implementing, and monitoring editorial, fiscal, production, and personnel policies.

First NameLast NameDepartmentTerm of ServiceAppointed by
Tom SteeleUniversity Libraries2022 to 2025Faculty Senate

Research Council

Promotes and develops research and creative activity through advice to the President and other administrators; evaluates internal proposals, and recommends candidates for research professorships.

First NameLast NameDepartmentTerm of ServiceAppointed by
*YingWangMathematics2020 to 2023President
CatalinTeodoriuGeological & Petroleum Engineering2020 to 2023President
LucaFornelliBiology2023 to 2024Faculty Senate
SethGordonDrama2023 to 2026Faculty Senate
SomikGhoshConstruction Science2023 to 2026Faculty Senate
CedricTolliverEnglish2023 to 2026Faculty Senate
SarahTrabertAnthropology2021 to 2024Faculty Senate
MohammadAlmasriModern Languages, Literatures & Linguistics2021 to 2024President
MichaelWimberleyGeography & Environmental Sustainability2021 to 2024Faculty Senate
KendraWilliams-DiehmEducational Psychology2021 to 2024Faculty Senate
FarinaKingNative American Studies2022 to 2025Faculty Senate
FiratDemirEconomics2022 to 2025Faculty Senate
LucasFornelliBiology2022 to 2025Faculty Senate
UldaricoSarmientoDrama2022 to 2025Faculty Senate

Retirement Plans Management Committee

Helps ensure the University's retirement plans are managed in the best interest of plan participants and in compliance with applicable regulations. 

First NameLast NameDepartmentTerm of ServiceAppointed by
RobertKerrJournalism & Mass Communication2020 to 2023President
BrendaBarnes Law2021 to 2024President
EllenRubensteinLibrary & Information Studies2022 to 2025President

Rita Lottinville Prize for Freshmen Committee

Committee nominates freshmen students to receive the Rita H. Lottinville prize based on academic and social achievements.

This prize is administered through The University of Oklahoma Foundation.

First NameLast NameDepartmentTerm of ServiceAppointed by
RobynBiggsChemistry & Biochemistry2020 to 2023President
NahuelTelleriaDrama2023 to 2026Faculty Senate
AnnaTrevinoEducational Leadership2021 to 2024Faculty Senate
BrittanyHottEducational Psychology2021 to 2024Faculty Senate
MatthewStockUniversity Libraries2021 to 2024President
KrithiSankarMicrobiology2022 to 2025Faculty Senate
JustinReedyCommunication2022 to 2025President

ROTC Advisory Committee

Advises on all matters concerning military education on campus, reviews all ROTC instructor appointments, and participates in interviews for commanding officers of each unit. 

First NameLast NameDepartmentTerm of ServiceAppointed by
ScottLamothePolitical Science2020 to 2023President
ShadSatterthwaiteManagement & International Business2020 to 2023President
KateBussell  School of Drama2023 to 2024Faculty Senate
EdgarO'RearChemical, Biological, & Materials Engineering2021 to 2024Faculty Senate
ChristopherSadlerDrama2022 to 2025Faculty Senate
LaurieScrivenerUniversity Libraries 2022 to 2025
ZackSchmookLaw2023 to 2026Faculty Senate

Shared Leave Committee

Monitors the shared leave program and makes recommendations to the administration and employee governance groups. Also approves the distribution of shared leave. 

First NameLast NameDepartmentTerm of ServiceAppointed by
Jacquelyn Slater ReeseUniversity Libraries2023 to 2026Faculty Senate
MatthewStockUniversity Libraries2022 to 2025Faculty Senate

Student Conduct Hearing Panel Pool

Partipates in student disciplinary cases which may result in suspension or expulsion of a student. 

First NameLast NameDepartmentTerm of ServiceAppointed by
EugeniaFuenzalidaPsychology2023 to 2025Faculty Senate
LaurieScrivenerUniversity Libraries2023 to 2025Faculty Senate
SamHuskeyClassics & Letters2023 to 2025Faculty Senate
ChristinaBourneVisual Arts/Film History2023 to 2025Faculty Senate
KateBusselleDrama2023 to 2025Faculty Senate
HeatherKetchumBiology2022 to 2024Faculty Senate
GailMullinsLaw2022 to 2024Faculty Senate
ChrisSadlerDrama2022 to 2024Faculty Senate
SarahTrabertAnthropology2022 to 2024Faculty Senate
BrendaBarnesLaw2022 to 2024Faculty Senate

Tobacco and Parking Violations Appeals Committee

Hears faculty and staff appeals regarding tobacco and parking tickets.

First NameLast NameDepartmentTerm of ServiceAppointed by
RebeccaLarsonHealth & Excercise Science2023 to 2026Faculty Senate
AmyPepperLaw2021 to 2024President
JeremyRossOklahoma Biological Survey2021 to 2024Faculty Senate
SarahTrabertAnthropology2022 to 2025President