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Basketball Courts



The Sarkeys Fitness Center (SFC) at the S. J. Sarkeys Complex opened in the summer of 1981 to give students a home for intramural sports and fitness. In 2003, the SFC received an addition and renovation to create a 150,000 square-foot indoor facility for a variety of programs, services, and equipment to meet the recreational and fitness needs of the OU community.

The Sarkeys Fitness Center features: eight basketball/volleyball/badminton courts, four racquetball courts,  1/6th mile indoor track, one large multi-purpose activity rooms, two weight room areas, a large cardio room with mounted flat-screen TVs, a climbing wall, and a personal training room. Membership includes use of the facilities including the Murray Case Sells Swim Complex (MCSSC), FIT classes, a locker, towel use at the SFC, and other amenities provided to faculty and staff.

The MCSSC consists of an indoor and outdoor pool. The indoor pool is an eight lane 25-yard lap pool with a 13-foot diving well with one 1-meter springboard. The outdoor facility consists of an Olympic-sized pool 50 meters by 25 yards with a 13-foot diving well and two 1-meter springboards as well as a kiddy pool. The outdoor lap pool ranges from 4’ to 5’6’’ deep and the indoor diving well ranges from 9’ to 13’. 

Recreation Fields which host outdoor events such as flag football, Ultimate Frisbee, soccer, and lacrosse are located two blocks east of Jenkins Avenue on Stinson Avenue. Tennis courts are located at the corner of Timberdell and Jenkins Avenue.

Accessible Recreation

Fitness and Recreation is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment that promotes the right of every person to lead a healthy, balanced life. We encourage people of all abilities to participate in any programs and services offered. We provide a variety of accommodations and appreciate any comments or suggestions to improve your experience.

For information about accessible recreation through Fitness and Recreation at the University of Oklahoma contact Garry Armstrong at 405-325-3053 or email

The University of Oklahoma is an equal-opportunity institution, For accommodations, please contact Fitness and Recreation at (405) 325-3053.

University of Oklahoma Accessibility and Disability Resource Center
730 College Avenue
Norman, OK 73069
Phone: (405) 325-3852 (Voice) - (405) 325-4173 (TDD)
Fax: (405) 325-4491

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A variety of equipment is available for check-out at no charge through Fitness and Recreation. Indoor equipment is available at the Equipment Desk and must be returned by closing time each day.

Available Equipment

Indoor Equipment

Sweat Towels
Shower Towels
Locks (for day-use lockers)
Basketballs (men/women)
Badminton Racquets*
Racquetball Racquets*
Squash Racquets*
Table Tennis Paddles*
Protective Eyewear†
Weight Belts
Dip Belts
Neck Pads
Ab Straps
Resistance Bands
Jump Ropes
Climbing Wall Shoes (extra fee applies)

*Used racquetballs, shuttlecocks (birdies), table tennis balls and squash balls may be available. New items are available for sale at the front desk.

†Required when playing racquetball or squash.

Outdoor Equipment

#Please allow 24-48 hours for items to be ready for pickup

Outdoor Basketballs (men/women)
Outdoor Volleyballs
Tennis Rackets
Soccer Balls#
Softball Gloves/Bats#
Target Jerseys#
Football Flags#
Volleyball System#
Tug-0f-War Rope
Bocce Ball#

Equipment Guidelines

Indoor equipment is expected to be returned on the same day that it is checked out. Please return outdoor equipment as soon as possible, but no later than on the third day of it being in your possession.  

• Damaged equipment is the responsibility of the member that checked out the equipment. Replacement fees are assessed to the member if misuse is determined.

• A late/replacement fee may be assessed for overdue equipment.

• Attempts will be made to inform individuals that they have outstanding equipment, by sending an e-mail message to their official OU address.

• Sponsors of guest pass holders are responsible for their guests.

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The Sarkeys Fitness Center Climbing Wall is open to both experienced and beginner climbers. The wall is just under 20 feet high and contains over 450 square feet of climbing space for bouldering and top-roping. Use of the Climbing Wall is free for members and guests of the Sarkeys Fitness Center, but is only allowed during specific hours of operation. A campus board, finger board, and rock rings are also available for use during regular Sarkeys Fitness Center operational hours.

Climbing Wall FAQs

The Climbing Wall is staffed by Climbing Wall Attendants who are knowledgeable about the sport. Beginners are encouraged to seek the assistance of the Climbing Wall Attendants for instruction before climbing. No certifications are required to boulder (climbing without rope) or top-rope (climbing with a rope that runs from your harness to the top of the wall and back down to the belayer).

Climbers should wear comfortable clothing and closed heel/toe shoes. Climbing shoes are available to rent at the front desk for a nominal fee.

Belay training and certification tests are offered continuously throughout the year. Becoming belay certified allows individuals to top-rope and belay without the direct assistance of a Climbing Wall Attendant.

To “belay” for a climber involves holding the climber’s rope, taking up extra slack, “locking off” or braking (if the climber falls) and lowering the climber to the ground in a slow and controlled manner. Belay training includes instruction on harness fit, knots, belay technique using an ATC and standard climbing calls between climber and belayer.

Individuals who wish to be belay trained should ask a Climbing Wall Attendant for assistance. Depending on usage, Climbing Wall Attendants may not be able to assist with belay training during peak hours. Belay certification tests must be given at least 48 hours following training to ensure that each individual retains the information received during training. Individuals seeking belay training or certification must bring a partner to the training and testing.

Experienced climbers may choose to forgo training and move directly to the certification test. Belay certifications are valid for the current academic year (August through July) and climbers must re-certify each Fall semester.

The following Policies must be followed at all time at the Sarkeys Fitness Center Climbing Wall:

  • All members inside the Climbing Wall area agree to abide by the Safety Policies.
  • Climbing is only permissible with supervision of a Climbing Wall Attendant and during posted hours.
  • Any climber or belayer whose behavior calls into question his/her ability to climb/belay safely will be asked to stop climbing immediately.
  • Climbers will be allowed back on the wall at the discretion of the Climbing Wall Attendant.
  • All climbers who wish to belay must pass the Belay Test. Belayers must present his/her valid Sooner Card ID at the request of a Climbing Wall Attendant each time he/she wishes to belay or climb without the assistance of an Attendant.
  • Climbers must tie in using a figure-8 follow through passing directly through the belay loop or directly through the waist and leg loops of the harness.
  • Climbers must have on footwear on while climbing and are not allowed to climb barefoot. Climbers are allowed to use personal climbing gear. This includes UIAA approved harnesses, climbing shoes and chalk bags. All personal gear must be inspected and approved by Climbing Wall Staff. Belay devices and locking carabiners will be provided.
  • All top rope climbers must demonstrate a basic understanding of climbing safety and calls to the Climbing Wall Attendant before climbing.
  • Equipment damage and damages should be reported to staff immediately.
  • Only Climbing Wall Staff are authorized to adjust, move or remove holds. • All belayers must utilize the belay technique approved by Fitness and Recreation.
  • All belayers must anchor to the floor using the provided floor anchors.
  • Fitness and Recreation recommends that a crash pad be used while bouldering. A crash pad is available upon request.
  • Bouldering may not exceed one move past the marked white line.
  • Only two top rope climbers may be on the wall at the same time.
  • Rappelling is not allowed at the Climbing Wall.
  • All open/discharging wounds must be securely covered prior to climbing.
  • Horse play of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Willful disregard of safety policies may result in revocation of climbing, bouldering or belaying privileges.
  • Climb with caution and at your own risk.

Harnesses, carabiners, belay devices and rope are all provided free of charge. Climbing shoes are available to rent at the front desk for a nominal fee.

Climbers are allowed to use personal climbing gear, including UIAA approved harnesses, climbing shoes and chalk bags. All personal gear must be inspected and approved by the Climbing Wall Staff. Belay devices and locking carabiners will be provided.