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Facility Rental and Use Information


Studio Guidelines and Reservations

Sarkeys Fitness Center and other areas

The Sarkeys Fitness Center is available for rental for many types of events. Typically, events in the Sarkeys Fitness Center range from Soonerthon to Camp Crimson to local sports tournaments. The administration will make every effort to accommodate requests for the facility, but ultimately, the mission of the university must be maintained. 

Organizations that contract with Fitness and Recreation will have a few items that are mandatory to ensure the best possible experience for both parties. Contracted events using Fitness and Recreation facilities, are required to have one of the following Registered/Certified persons ON STAFF and ON THE PREMISES AT ALL TIMES; Doctor, Nurse, Emergency Medical Technician, Sports Trainer, or another person approved by Fitness and Recreation.

Organizations that rent the Sarkeys Fitness Center may be required to have liability insurance that covers the event and names the university as a CERTIFICATE HOLDER. For questions about facility rental, pricing and insurance requirements, contact Garry Armstrong at or by phone (405) 325-3053.

Youth Protection Policy

Facility Rental and Camp Guidelines

For questions about facility rental, pricing, and insurance requirements, contact Garry Armstrong at or by phone (405) 325-3053.


Users that program multiple activities for the event will need to provide scheduling of events. Facility staff will be assigned to the event to maintain the integrity of the facility, that policy and regulations are followed and troubleshoot any issues with the facility and/or equipment. The Sarkeys Fitness Center takes great pride in providing a safe, clean and healthy environment for the membership and event visitors. We maintain a level of cleanliness to help users enjoy their time in the facility. We will take care of all normal activities from setting up the facility for users and sweeping the courts for safe play.

Here are the top ten lists for programmers to know prior to the actual event.

Items 1-5 are things needed for determining contract amounts and notification of charges. It is helpful to know what the camp needs to avoid last minute changes in space, equipment and rental fees. Items 6-10 are preventative tips to assist your camp with problem areas that can affect your camp, staff and participants.

  1. Specific dates with the times the facility will be used per day (Mon. 8 a.m.-10 p.m., Tues. 8 a.m.-1 p.m., etc.).
  2. What areas the event will need to use (Basketball courts, activity room, classroom, etc.).
  3. Equipment needed for the event (balls, stopwatches, cones, etc.).
  4. Facility equipment (scoreboards, tables, chairs, etc.).
  5. Special needs (food and beverage area, specific court markings, number of football fields, or taped lines in the Sarkeys Fitness Center).
  6. Have enough copies for your staff and one to give Sarkeys Fitness Center Staff. (Do not use the SFC as a copy center.)
  7. Make sure a trainer can be on site at all times while participants are using the facility. (Even during the meal breaks campers may not recreate or play games unless a trainer is present.)
  8. Check in and out with the Sarkeys Fitness Center Staff member every day. At arrival and departure, event should contact the Sarkeys Fitness Center Staff when they arrive and depart.
  9. Participants MUST be under direct supervision of a Staff member. If the event includes minors as participants, user must follow the Minors on Campus policies. (Preferably someone other than trainer.)
  10. Control and/or supervision of visitors. (Parents and siblings or other under age children. This is a major issue that cannot be dismissed.)

Area Rental

The Sarkeys Fitness Center has a set of 4 basketball courts and a set of 3 basketball courts that can be used for a variety of needs. OU Basketball tournaments, cheer and dance spaces are a few of the events that are currently held in the Sarkeys Fitness Center. There is a 4-hour minimum rental per day. All courts available will be rented, no partials. Scoreboards for the courts can be used per day per court. Tables and chairs for administrative duties are available at no cost. The Department, prior to the beginning school year, will determine those weekends.

The Sarkeys Fitness Center has 3 classrooms, 1 training room and 1 conference room available for use. The classrooms are separated from the main facility accessible from the West breezeway. Most users will use the rooms for courtesy refreshments and snacks or meeting space for administrative teams. FAR Camp Coordinator must approve all classroom use.

The Recreation Fields are a vital part of the recreational service the department provides. They are used for many events and are capable of hosting multiple events. From flag football to soccer, the Recreation Fields can be used for any number of events based upon need. Field marking is available for events where that is essential.

The Sarkeys Fitness Center is home to four racquetball courts. Members and students utilize them year-round. They can be a benefit to Camp Staff as a near-to-site area for administration or other approved uses.  

The Timberdell Tennis Courts are located on the corner of Timberdell and Jenkins. Fitness and Recreation has the responsibility of renting the courts and scheduling events through Intramural Sports. The 10 courts are used on a first come first serve basis unless posted. Each court has markings for Pickleball.

The Murray Case Sells Swim Complex consists of an indoor and outdoor pool. The indoor pool is an eight lane 25 yard lap pool with a 13 foot diving well with one 1-meter springboard. The outdoor facility consists of an Olympic size pool 50 meters by 25 yards with a 13 foot diving well and two 1-meter spring boards as well as a kiddy pool. The outdoor lap pool ranges in depths from 3’6” to 5’6”, the kiddy pool ranges from one foot to two feet, and the diving well ranges from 9’ to 13’. The indoor lap pool ranges from 4’ to 5’6” deep and the indoor diving well ranges from 9’ to 13’.