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Intramural Sports Handbook

The GOAL of the Intramural Sports Department, in providing a program of Intramural Sports, is to encourage students to complement their academic pursuits with the social and physical benefits of recreation. Additionally, faculty and staff members of the Norman Campus can enjoy the social and physical benefits of recreation as well. The OBJECTIVE of the Intramural Sports program is to provide opportunities that are diverse in both type of activity and level of competitiveness. We wish to be able to serve as many students, faculty and staff as possible, to encourage increased participation, to establish sound recreational planning and to adopt new ideas and activities that would improve the quality of the program

The Intramural Sports department strives to provide a recreational environment for the University community which is safe and enjoyable. While the game atmosphere is often competitive, ensuring participant safety, providing a fun, social atmosphere, and promoting sportsmanlike behavior among participants, spectators, and team followers are our primary concerns. The game atmosphere should remain good-natured at all times. Participants shall maintain good sportsmanship throughout their participation in all facets of the Intramural Sports program.

Please review the appropriate handbook for policies and requirements for participating in Intramural Sports programs. Please direct any questions to Jonathan Dewhirst, Intramural Sports Coordinator, at (405) 325-3053 or email