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Sport Clubs



A Sport Club is a registered student organization (RSO) through Student Life which has met and maintained the established criteria for Sport Club Council membership. All members of a sport club must be enrolled students. Policies and procedures for Registered Student Organizations can be found at the Engage link.

If you are the captain or officer of a Sport Club and will be the contact respresentative for your team, please contact Garry Armstrong, Associate Director, to exchange contact information for the 2023-24 academic year.


Practice Times

Sport Club Practice Times - SFC/Swim Complex

Badminton on Court 5
TR- 5:30-7:30p; Sun- 3-5p

Fencing on Court 4
TWR- 4-5:15

Volleyball Club on court 7&8
Men- TR- 8-10p, Sun- 2-4p
Women- MR- 6:30-8:30p

Powerlifting on Racks 11-14
Fridays- 6-8p

Swim and Dive meet at the Swim Complex
M-R- 6:45-8p

Sport Club Practice Times - Rec Fields

Baseball– East IM Field
T 2:30-4p, F 3-4:30p, & Sat 1-2:30p

Men’s Lacrosse on Club Field
Games Feb. 25, March 9 1-3p

Women’s Lacrosse on Club Field
MR 5-8p & F 3-5p; Games April 6 12-4p

Men’s Soccer– on Club Field
TRF - 4-6p; Games, March 9 2-5p
Super League games 2-6p;
2/24, 3/2, 3/30, 3/31, 4/6, 4/13

Women’s Soccer– on Club Field
MWR 4:30-6p; Game Feb. 24 10a-1p

Ultimate Frisbee both-Band Field
MR 5:30-8p & F 3-5p; Exclusive use

Sport Club will have rights to the fields during the scheduled practice/game times

Sport Club Council Criteria

The University of Oklahoma encourages a well-rounded education consisting of interaction and activities both in and out of the classroom. In an effort to promote healthy recreation, the following guidelines have been established to define and promote Sport Clubs. Every Sport Club must complete the renewal process in order to maintain its Sport Club status each fall when student organizations register with Student Life, although applications will be taken throughout the academic year for new memberships. Groups which meet all of the following criteria may be recognized by the University of Oklahoma’s Sport Club Council as a Sport Club

  1. The group is a registered student organization through Student Life, in good standing, and with a primary mission of sports.
  2. The organization must be in good standing with the University of Oklahoma.
  3. The organization’s adviser(s) and coach(es), if applicable, must be approved by Fitness and Recreation. Before the group is approved as a Sport Club Council member, a meeting with the advisor and coach(es) will take place with representatives of Fitness and Recreation. Further, advisers may not be dismissed from a Sport Club without consent from Fitness and Recreation.
  4. The organization agrees that if a new adviser or coach, where applicable, is sought after Sport Club Council membership is granted, Fitness and Recreation will meet with the adviser and coach for the approval process prior to any commitments being made by the organization.
  5. The adviser has attended or will attend a Sport Club adviser orientation meeting each fall or as arranged by the Associate Director, Garry Armstrong, (405) 325-3053.
  6. The organization and/or each member of the organization must possess affiliation and be in good standing with a national organization for their specific sport. Individual and/or group membership is dependent upon the specific organization’s membership structure. If affiliation as a Sport Club is prohibited until recognized by the university, Sports Club status may be granted on a contingent basis upon such affiliation.
  7. The sport involves a reasonable degree of physical skill and/or exertion and is non-sedentary.
  8. Members are regularly involved in intercollegiate competitions relative to the sport.**Please note that participation in Sport Clubs at the University of Oklahoma could impact eligibility for NCAA competition. Participation in Sport Club competition could count against the four years of eligibility at the varsity level. Please contact the Athletic Department Office of Compliance if you have questions about your eligibility to play at the University of Oklahoma.**
  9. No other recognized Sport Club involves a comparable activity.
  10. The group allows all levels of ability to join and participate in the club.
  11. The group agrees to secure insurance through their national affiliate or other carrier for members and events. Sport Clubs wishing to purchase the TULIP program insurance or get a quote may access the company’s web site at The institution name is “University of Oklahoma Board of Regents" and the institution code is 4123
  12. All members of the group have signed the appropriate Risk Management forms and agree to abide by the university’s Registered Student Organization policies including but not limited to the Student Risk Management Policy, Facility Use PolicyInvolvement Policy, and Student Travel Policy. For clarification, typical Sport Club Council members’ activities such as practice and tournaments are considered “Hazard Class III” as referred to in the Student Risk Management Policy. Information and pertinent forms can be found at the Student Life Web Site by clicking on this link.
  13. The executive officers of the club and the adviser agree to have present at all club practices and/or competitions at least one person with current CPR certification. Additionally, water club sports must also have at least one person with current and appropriate American Red Cross, YMCA, or comparable lifeguard certification present at all club practices and/or competitive events. NOTE: It is highly recommended that the adviser, coach, and executive officers of the club be certified in CPR (and appropriate lifeguard training if the club is engaged in a water sport).
  14. The organization agrees to operate in a safe manner and within the standard rules and practices of its sport.
  15. The organization’s event calendars including games and practices must be submitted to the Associate Director, Garry Armstrong, within the first three weeks of each semester. Clubs must post all events and tryouts to Engage portal.

All applications for affiliation as a Sport Club must be made through Engage during the RSO application process.