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Pcard News

The OU Pcard provides an efficient and convenient form of payment for approved small dollar business purchases. All purchases should be in compliance with the University’s Small Dollar Policy, Pcard Guide, and they cannot involve a signed contract or terms and conditions.

Attention All Pcard and Travel Card Users Please Read:

New information regarding Pcards and the integrated PeoplSoft system will be available soon.

Pcard Cycle Dates


Please open the Pcard application linked below. Review the employer conditions and application instructions, fill in the application and submit to your approver. If the application does not submit, please save the application and email it to your approver directly. All new card recipients must attend mandatory Pcard training. Please sign up through the University’s HR training (linked in application). Applicants will be notified when their card is available by the Pcard Team, the cards can be picked up in the Pcard Office, located in Evans Hall, Room 324. You will be notified when your application has been processed. Cards typically take 7-10 business days to arrive. The cardholder will need bring with them a photo ID and the signed the Cardholder Agreement, linked below. Or the card can be sent through University mail to the address listed on the front of the card, the cardholder will need to send the signed Cardholder Agreement to, once received, the Pcard Team will mail the card

Pcard Policies and Guides

The University of Oklahoma Purchasing Card (Pcard) program has been implemented in an effort to improve service to University Departments and to provide a more efficient process for small dollar purchases. The Purchasing Department Pcard Team administers the Pcard contract. The primary benefits of the OU Pcard are access to companies that will not accept Purchase Orders, a reduction in the number of checks issued and a reduction in paperwork. Unless otherwise governed, restricted or addressed by University policy, University departments may purchase products and services directly from a vendor when the cost is in accordance with the Small Dollar Policy. Only those pre-approved services listed in the Pcard Guide are eligible to be paid with the Pcard. Departments should refer to the Pcard Guide for examples of allowable purchases and are encouraged to utilize the Pcard for payment of small dollar purchases, to the maximum extent possible. All exemptions to this policy must be pre-approved by the Pcard Team. It is not the intent of the Pcard to be used as a tool to circumvent existing departmental or institutional policy. Improper use of the card will be considered misappropriation of University funds, which may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. Legal action may also result.

Single transaction limits should not exceed the University policy. The sponsor or their designee* and the Pcard Team coordinate to establish the Pcard monthly expenditure limit.

Immediately notify the credit card company and the Pcard Team if a card is lost or stolen.

A completed OU Pcard application must be approved by the sponsor or their designee*. Only Full-Time University employees who have submitted a completed application and have attended new card training will be issued a Pcard.

The Pcard Team will periodically review Pcard transactions. Intentional mishandling of the card will be considered misappropriation of University funds and may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. Legal action may also result.

The cardholder is the individual to whom the Pcard is issued and is the only authorized user. The application for a Pcard should be completed in the legal name of the cardholder. The cardholder or their designee is responsible for reviewing all transactions. It is important to ensure the card is neither deliberately nor inadvertently used for personal or other prohibited transactions. Charges resulting from such abuse become the personal liability of the authorized cardholder and may result in revocation of the card. The sponsor or their designee* is responsible for the available funds, the approving and compliance to University policy of their Pcard transactions. The cardholder SHALL NOT approve his/her own transactions. The sponsor or their designee* has the responsibility to ensure that the Pcard Team is immediately notified when termination or transfer of an employee with Pcard system access occurs. Each Department is responsible for retaining itemized records/invoices/receipts and copies of written exemptions pertaining to Pcard purchases in accordance with the Oklahoma State Archives and Records Commission disposition schedule.

The University of Oklahoma is exempt from payment of state/local sales tax pursuant to Title 68 O.S. 2000 Supp., Section 1356(1) within the State of Oklahoma. It is the responsibility of the cardholder to ensure that the exemption is upheld and that tax is not paid within the State of Oklahoma.

A cardholder must surrender all cards associated with the Pcard program upon termination of employment (i.e. retirement or voluntary/involuntary termination). Upon termination, no further use of the card is authorized.

A cardholder must surrender all cards associated with the Pcard program upon transfer to another University department or a change in FTE. Once transfer or FTE change becomes applicable, no further use of the card is authorized.