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Arts Management and Entrepreneurship

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OU Arts Management and Entrepreneurship Program title. Take Charge in bold, boxed letters. Background is a large audience enjoying an outdoor amphitheater show at night, with lights.

A Promising but Uncertain World Awaits You.

  • Do you know what you want to do after you graduate and how you will accomplish it?
  • Have you ever wondered whether your dreams are possible?
  • Would you like to be better equipped for the dynamic and shifting arts industry?

We have a program that is designed to prepare a powerful set of tools to help you navigate the opportunities ahead to achieve your wildest dreams. First and foremost, the goal is to enable the highest levels of thinking creatively.

Why do we practice so much? We practice our instruments (whether it is our bodies for movement or tools for visual and sound creations or technical craft for drama) because we have bought into the idea that, as with learning languages, the earlier we learn these skills the better our chances to excel.

At OU, we believe this is true also of thinking creatively, entrepreneurially, and powerfully towards the optimal execution of our best ideas. 

Take charge of your future. Apply today!

The Arts Management and Entrepreneurship (AME) Graduate Certificate and the Undergraduate Minor are programs designed for students interested in building a career in the arts in an exciting and ever-changing marketplace.

The AME Graduate Certificate is a program built on a flexible structure of fine arts, arts entrepreneurship, and MBA courses that develop the skills needed for career success and creative impact. The program is rounded out by a diverse scale of local, regional, and international internships, and a ground-breaking, bootcamp-style arts incubation lab, called the International Arts Incubator. Offered by the Weitzenhoffer Family College of Fine Arts in collaboration with the Price College of Business, the program is designed to be taken alongside a Master's degree program, but can also be taken as a stand-alone graduate certificate.

The AME Undergraduate Minor is a new program offered exclusively by the College of Fine Arts to undergraduate students who are interested in learning the business and entrepreneurship skills needed to apply their creativity to their careers. The minor program comprises a set of courses in career skills needed specifically in the creative sector like marketing, negotiations, fundraising, and social media -- as well as a special provision to attend and participate in the exciting International Arts Incubator.