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Auditions & Scholarships

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OU Bands Audition Information

The OU Bands department holds auditions for ensembles and "The Pride of Oklahoma" marching band. When those auditions are approaching, additional information will be available below. 


Note: If you are planning on pursuing a music major or minor, you will also need to audition to be accepted into the degree program. This degree audition is separate from ensemble auditions. See the School of Music's Auditions & Admissions page for more details. You do not need to be a music major or minor to participate in ensembles.


Fall 2024 Ensemble Auditions

Large ensemble auditions will take place Saturday, August 17 - Wednesday August 21, depending on your instrument (see schedule below). All registered students except percussionists will be assigned a 5 minute time slot, within the range indicated below for your instrument. Your assigned time will be emailed to you before the audition date. Percussionists will need to sign up for an audition time on the Percussion Studio Bulletin Board after completing the registration form.

Auditions for jazz bands are submitted via video (see Audition Materials section below for more details). Submissions are due Monday, August 12.

Results will be posted on the band, orchestra, and jazz bulletin boards throughout the first week of classes.



If you have questions about large ensemble auditions, you may contact Emma Boone at For questions about jazz band auditions, you may contact Jay Wilkinson at and Lonnie Easter at


Audition Registration

All students must register by completing one or both forms linked below by Friday, August 16 at noon (12pm CST)


Audition Materials

Large Ensembles - Music Majors or Music Minors

Download audition materials for large ensembles at the following link:
Audition Materials

Large Ensembles - Anyone who is not a Music Major or Music Minor

  • Winds: You may perform the prescribed repertoire in the "Large Ensembles - Music Majors or Music Minors" section above. Or you may select any two etudes of contrasting style that you feel best showcase your talents.
  • Percussion: Select one of the following options
    • One etude or excerpt from a solo on either snare drum or marimba
    • The snare drum and keyboard selections from the prescribed Percussion repertoire in the "Music Major or Music Minor" section above.

Jazz Bands

Auditions for jazz bands are submitted via Unlisted YouTube video (see below for more details). Submissions are due Monday, August 12.

Jazz audition materials and instructions are available at the following link. View the Audition Info PDF for more instructions.
Jazz Materials and Instructions

How to submit an Unlisted YouTube video

  • YouTube auditions must be recorded in a single take - edited or segmented videos will be disqualified.
  • If you haven't uploaded a video before, please check out this information: YouTube Help: Upload videos
  • You will need to make sure that your video is NOT set to private, but "unlisted" so that we are able to watch your video: YouTube Help: Change video privacy settings
  • Please test the link before you send it. Log out of YouTube and send the link to a second email address or to a family member to ensure the link is viewable.
  • Once your link is working, submit your audition link by Monday, August 12 by sending one email addressed to Jay Wilkinson at and Lonnie Easter at On many devices, this link will create a new email draft with both recipients.


Large Ensemble Audition Schedule


Email Emma Boone at if you have a conflict with the audition time.


OU Bands Non-Major Scholarships

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for an OU Bands non-major scholarship! The OU Band awards non-major band scholarships to students majoring in fields other than music, who:

  • Demonstrate musical excellence on their instrument at a level that places the student among the top of all OU Band students
  • Participate in “The Pride of Oklahoma” Marching Band in the fall semesters of their collegiate career.
  • Participate in a large concert ensemble in the spring semesters of their collegiate career.

NOTE: Since our marching band instrumentation does not include double reeds, non-major double reed students perform in a large concert ensemble both semesters to fulfill their scholarship obligations.

Non-major band scholarships are awarded based on the student’s demonstrated musical abilities via audition, performance history, and the current instrumentation needs of the band program.

Once a scholarship has been awarded, it will be retained by the student, provided the student is making satisfactory progress toward their degree and meet all requirements of their scholarship contract.

Additional requirements for non-major band scholarship consideration

Students will email the following items before May 1 to Marc Mueller at

  1. A resume listing the student's accomplishments in band and school; volunteer and work experience should be included as well.
  2. Two letters of recommendation. One letter from your band director, and the other letter can be from a teacher, coach, employer, etc.

Questions? Contact Audition Coordinator Marc Mueller at