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Auditions & Scholarships

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OU Bands Audition Information

The OU Bands department holds auditions for large ensembles and "The Pride of Oklahoma" marching band. When those auditions are approaching, additional information will be available below. For Jazz Band auditions, see the Jazz Auditions page.


Note: If you are planning on pursuing a music major or music minor degree program, you will have a separate audition to be accepted into the degree program. See the School of Music's Auditions & Admissions page for more details.


Pride of Oklahoma Audition Information

Since 1904, "The Pride" has been an integral part of the campus culture and a catalyst
for university spirit. As the largest and most visible student group on campus, we have a
three-point mission:

  1. Serving our university as first-class ambassadors on and off the field.
  2. Supporting the Sooners with relentless energy! Win-or lose, rain or shine, the Pride never gives up on OUr team.
  3. Engaging and inspiring our fans through the highest quality performances our combined efforts can produce.

Class Time / Rehearsals

Fall rehearsals take place during our class meeting time: M/W/R/F from 4:30-6:30p. Drumline and Color Guard sectionals are on Tuesdays. Attendance is required at all rehearsals and performances. Class conflicts can often be resolved through advanced planning and communication and should not deter you from auditioning.

Participation Requirements and Enrollment Information

You must be a full-time student at the University of Oklahoma. Enrollment in one of the following course levels is required: MUTE 1070/3070/5070, Section 1 (University Marching Band). Pride of Oklahoma is a variable credit course for 1 or 0 hours.


Audition Results

Students will be notified by OU email of their audition results by 5pm, Friday, May 19, 2023.


OU Band Scholarships

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for an OU Bands non-major scholarship! The OU Band awards non-major band scholarships to students majoring in fields other than music, who:

  • Demonstrate musical excellence on their instrument at a level that places the student among the top of all OU Band students
  • Participate in “The Pride of Oklahoma” Marching Band in the fall semesters of their collegiate career.
  • Participate in a large concert ensemble in the spring semesters of their collegiate career.

NOTE: Since our marching band instrumentation does not include double reeds, non-major double reed students perform in a large concert ensemble both semesters to fulfill their scholarship obligations.

Non-major band scholarships are awarded based on the student’s demonstrated musical abilities via audition, performance history, and the current instrumentation needs of the band program.

Once a scholarship has been awarded, it will be retained by the student, provided the student is making satisfactory progress toward their degree and meet all requirements of their scholarship contract.

Additional requirements for non-major band scholarship consideration

Students will email the following items before May 1st to Dr. Wolfe at

  1. A resume listing the students’ accomplishments in band and school; volunteer and work experience should be included as well.
  2. Two letters of recommendation. One letter from your band director, and the other letter can be from a teacher, coach, employer, etc.

Questions? Contact Dr. Brian Wolfe, Audition Coordinator via email at