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Inner sOUndscapes

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Inner sOUndscapes


Since 2006 the ‘inner sOUndscapes’ concert series, directed by Dr. Konstantinos Karathanasis, has brought the international community of electroacoustic music to Oklahoma. Technology plays an integral part in the production and performance of this style of music. Composers and performers explore the potential of new software and are also inspired by historic technologies, resulting in sonic diversity. Some works combine electronic sounds with live acoustic performers, others with video, while some are purely auditory and create a “cinema for the ears.” Merging artistry with technology, this concert series provides a unique opportunity for students to create and perform, and simultaneously introduces them to cutting edge works in electroacoustic music. Over the years ‘inner sOUndscapes’ has engaged students and audiences from many disciplines and at every educational level.

Past inner sOUndscapes guests include: Patti Cudd, Benjamin Broening, Jon Nelson, Andrew May and Elizabeth McNutt, Cort Lippe, David Bithell and Christopher Burns, Eric Honour, Keith Kirchoff, Barry Moon, and Elainie Lillios.