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New Century Improv! Ensemble

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New Century Improv! Ensemble

New Century Improv Ensemble performs Professor March and Rag by Marvin Lamb

New Century Improv! Ensemble is a proud tradition for OU composers. This ensemble specializes in improvisation-based music, but also touches into more intriguing notated works should the piece fit our mission. This ensemble is built by composers, for those studying composition to experiment in improvised music with, and run exclusively by the graduate students of the Composition Studio of OU. 

In the past, this ensemble has performed peices by Terry Riley, John Cage, George Crumb, and other famed composers. Performance tools have varied widely from traditional acoustic instruments, to laptops, Kinect Sensors, and even plants. Every concert features several student compositions, as members of the composition studio are strongly recommended to take advantage of this ensemble's unique presence to push their own boundaries as a composer, and challenge them to create something new.