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N_SEME 2016

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National Student Electronic Music Event (N_SEME) 2016


In 2016, the Composition Area of the University of Oklahoma School of Music hosted the fifth iteration of the National Student Electronic Music Event. Featuring six concerts, over 30 composers, and over a dozen live performers, this event has become an important part of electronic music in academia as it passes from school to school and continues to grow and change to meet new needs. The event sets itself apart from others like it by not being directly associated with any of the large new music, composition, or electronic music organizations. 

The event is hosted each year by a new school. The next year's school is typically decided shortly after the conclusion of the current year's event. The host school's composition area, GA's, and any associated staff then organize the event, put out a call for scores, accept submissions, listen to hundreds of submissions, and pull everything together into a memorable annual engagement for all who attend.

OU's year featured Dr. Kokoras from UNT Denton giving the keynote lecture and concert as a continued part of OU's Inner sOUndscapes concert series. The event was opened by renowned new music flutist Emily McNutt, also from UNT Denton, performing works by Russell Pinkston and other contemporary electroacoustic composers.


"A student"s creativity is a concoction of guidance and freedom, and defining oneself as an individual requires opportunity. In academia, composers, performers, and researchers are often shaped by the established, but when it comes to technology, students quickly adapt and rapidly push the boundaries of their field. It is our job as a progressive community to recognize these principles and react. As a student, I find this unique experience not only through intimate exploration, but even more so through collaboration and sharing. The National Student Electronic Music Event (N_SEME) was designed to promote peer communication; to nurture the future of a perpetual art form led by the generation stepping forward." – Evan Combs - N_SEME Founder


The N_SEME 2016 Team consisted of:

Kenn McSperrittOrganizer & Event Coordinator
Ioannis AndriotisPrograms and Stage Management
Zachary C DanielsWebsite and Concert Recordings
Joshua TomlinsonAudio Technician
Dr. Konstantinos KarathanasisFaculty Contact
Dr. Kyle VanderburgAdvisor/Entries Coordinator