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Kodály Institute Certification Program Instructors

Bev Anyan

Bev Anyan received her Kodály certification from Silver Lake College in Manitowoc, WI, and has taught elementary music for 30 years in Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri. She is a past president of the Oklahoma Kodály Educators and a Nationally Board Certified teacher. An expert in classroom management and sequential instruction, her session with Sandy Knudson at the 2012 OAKE Conference was met with enthusiasm. She currently teaches K‐5 music at Adams Elementary School in Norman, Oklahoma.


Dr. Casey Gerber

Dr. Gerber is assistant professor of music education at the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Gerber previously taught at Oklahoma Baptist University, the University of Mississippi and taught elementary music in El Reno, Oklahoma. He received his Kodály certification from OU and has completed Level I of Orff‐Schulwerk certification. Dr. Gerber has published articles on a variety of topics in music education and is a recipient of the 2011 Alexander Ringer Award for Outstanding Doctoral Research.


Sandy Knudson

Sandy Knudson, a National Board Certified Teacher, is an Elementary Music Specialist in Norman Public Schools. She is Artistic Director of the Norman Children’s Chorus and has served as President of OKE, OMEA Circle the State with Song State Chair, and All‐OMEA Children’s Chorus State Chair. She has also served OAKE as a Southern Regional Representative. In addition, Sandy is the conductor of the 2015 OAKE National Children’s Choir in Minneapolis.  Since 1990, Sandy has enjoyed teaching solfege and choir in The University of Oklahoma Kodály summer certification programs in Norman and Tulsa.


Dr. Joy Nelson

Dr. Nelson is a winner of the Regent’s Award for Superior Teaching and the University of Oklahoma Students Outstanding Faculty Award. She has taught music in K‐6 in California and Washington and presented many workshops for MENC, AOSA, and OAKE. She served as Chair of the 1992 OAKE Conference and serves as Past President of OAKE and former Director of the Board of IKS.