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OU School of Visual Arts

The OU School of Visual Arts at the University of Oklahoma cultivates a vibrant intellectual community that fosters the greatest possible excellence in the study of the visual arts, design, and art history.  The School was established in 1915, and is the oldest and most comprehensive school of art in the state of Oklahoma.  Through civic engagement, we endeavor to meet the artistic needs of Oklahoma’s citizens and promote the growth of culture.  We offer the BFA and MFA in Art and the BA, MA, and Ph.D. in Art History.  We strive for excellence in teaching, publishing, and creating art and design at the highest level.  The School prepares our students for success nationally and internationally as artists, designers, scholars, teachers, and influential patrons of all the arts.

Spotlight Work

Laser modified acrylic, 3d printed plastic, wood, paint, & hardware
72” x 72” x 8”


Venue: 108 Contemporary, Tulsa, OK

Dates: Feb. 6 - March 21, 2021

The works represented in the exhibition are tapestries or collages of scientific, biological, and geometric data found and collected from various websites and online databases. I refer to my working method as "digital archeology." I utilize simple design software techniques to translate visual images and data representations into revisions of their original content. The results are fragments of re-constructed digital translations into related but distorted interpretations of the original digitally conceived source. My primary interest lies in how all data is filtered, represented, and augmented throughout the entirety of our current technological existence. Utilizing faceted and fragmented forms, acrylics, and 3d printed plastics is the basis for exploring these relationships. Using color, the digital residue of specific CNC processes, and how software code manipulates our reality into a cacophony of visual data. These rendered objects represent a coded residue of the experience between humans, computers, and machines to create complex and fractured structures that coalesce into experiences that mimic our current reality.



Sweather Bottle with Sippers (Ceramic)

Marissa Childers

MFA Ceramics Student

Sweater Bottle with Sippers  

Marissa Childers was born and raised in the small town of Florence, Alabama. She attended the University of North Alabama, where she earned her B.F.A. in 2019. Upon graduating she worked as a ceramic intern at Anderson Ranch Arts Center and is now pursuing her M.F.A. at the University of Oklahoma.

Her work explores how we share intimate moments with one another through functional handmade objects. Her work is often colorful and covered in a variety of textures. Whether it is influenced by the pattern on her grandparents curtains or the woven threads of a blanket, each piece is a little reminder of home. 

BFA and MFA Student work site