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Bachelor of Art in Art

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Bachelor of Arts in Art

The BA is a liberal arts degree and, as such, places the study of art/design within the context of a broad program of general studies. This new degree enables students to choose a program of study that is more relevant to their individual academic and career objectives. Not all of our students are interested in professional studio practice, many have goals that are better suited by cross-disciplinary study and by the acquisition of a broad yet informed knowledge base in one or many other fields of study. A liberal education in art emphasizing the importance of critical inquiry, creative problem solving, adaptive life-long learning and collaboration is at the center of evolving discussions related to 21st century learning and the needs of tomorrow's workforce. The Bachelor of Arts in Art is designed to support these learning objectives and to provide art students with the necessary skills to compete in the global economy.

Because the program is centered on individual student goals and objectives, a limitless number of career paths are possible. For example, a student interested in working as a digital fabricator or prototyper might combine an emphasis in the school's Art, Technology, and Culture area with study in engineering; another student who would like to pursue a career as a book illustrator might take traditional printmaking or painting classes along with courses in English and Professional Writing; or an individual wanting to work in museum exhibition design might combine work in sculpture and digital fabrication with a double major in interior design.