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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art

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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art

Core Courses

The OU School of Visual Art’s Core coursework offers a series of preparatory courses that introduce incoming students to the concepts, practices and history of studio art and design.These courses are the groundwork students need to proceed to the next area of study. Courses address interrelated concepts, connect with each other thematically, and introduce a wide range of visual and technical skills.  Students develop a vocabulary of processes, approaches, and concepts that integrate reading, research, and writing components with formal studio practice. While balancing the formal, technical, and conceptual aspects of our field, these courses make it clear the interrelatedness of each with the understanding that one does not exist without the other and that art is always about ideas.

The following are the courses included in the Core Curriculum for the BFA in Art degree:

  • ART 1033 - Core Studio I: Surface (Fall)
  • ART 1043 - Core Studio II: Space & Time (Fall)
  • ART 1133 - Core III: Technology (Spring)
  • ART 1143 - Core IV: Integrated Studio (Spring)

Most incoming freshman seeking a BFA in Art degree are required to complete the entire Core coursework (not applicable for students pursuing a BA in Art History). Transfer students will need to be advised through the school to determine what (if any) Core course requirements need to be met.

Portfolio Review

A comprehensive Foundations portfolio review is held by the faculty every Spring semester. At this time, students formally apply for admittance into the BFA in Art degree in the disciplines of either Studio Art, Media, or Visual Communications.

AP and IB Credit

The school recognizes 2D Advanced Placement (AP) credit for 2D portfolio scores of 4 or 5. AP credit is applied towards the foundation course ART 1023 : Foundations Drawing (3 credit hours).

Currently, students with International Baccalaureate (IB) credit will need to petition for an Advanced Standing Departmental Examination through the Office of Admissions. The school will make arrangements for a formal on-campus portfolio review by the faculty to determine if IB credit can be applied to Foundation coursework.

Art, Technology & Culture

Today’s technology will not be tomorrow’s. It is therefore imperative that students learn to be critical thinkers, adaptive life-long learners, and creative problem solvers. In a rapidly changing media-scape, students must work toward multiple outcomes and use their skill sets creatively. This necessitates a more collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to education that extends beyond the borders of the traditional art school experience. The Art, Technology, and Culture Lab at the University of Oklahoma is reflective of these concerns.


Studio Art

Provides a comprehensive approach to the development of the skills and techniques necessary for successful work in clay.

Printmaking offers emphasis in Screenprinting, Lithography, and Etching. The curriculum also includes courses involving Relief Printing, Letterpress, Digital Output, and Book Arts.

The painting program is recognized both regionally and nationally as an environment that promotes curiosity, exploration, and independent thinking.

Offering thorough instruction in both representational and contemporary methods, the sculpture curriculum incorporates traditional and experimental approaches within three-dimensional expression.