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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication

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Visual Communication (graphic design)

The OU School of Visual Arts is the largest comprehensive art school in the State of Oklahoma with over twenty-five full time faculty consisting of artists, designers and scholars.

The Visual Communication Program (graphic design) in the OU School of Visual Arts is an intensive three year (six semesters) course of study that examines and exposes students to the multiple facets of visual communication and design culture. Students study visual language, form, syntax, and typography, and how these design components translate to applications of information and systems design, time-based, and interactive mediums.

Students earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art. Career paths for BFA graduates in Visual Communication (graphic design) include roles in an ever-expanding global design community that practices within diverse and interdisciplinary contexts. Professional paths include roles in graphic and interactive design firms, timebased design studios, and institutions within both corporate and non-profit sectors.

As young designers, students in Visual Communication utilize the most current forms of technology for the generation, development, and execution of their work. These are tools that will be used both academically and professionally. All students entering the program in their Second Year are recommended to have a 15-inch MacBook Pro (or equivalent Windows based model), a current Student License of Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection and an external storage drive for archival of work. Additional recommended resources include a digital camera for documentation and an external mouse or pen tablet.

Visual Communication
Degree Sheet

Laptop Requirements

Students applying in Visual Communication should plan to purchase an Apple MacBook Pro — Apple laptops are considered the professional industry standard and all VisCom courses are instructed using Mac OS X.

The recommended system approximately $2300.00:
Apple MacBook Pro 15″ Retina Display
2.2GHz – 3.4GHz processor (Intel i5 or i7)
512 GB flash storage hard drive
16GB 1600MHz RAM memory

The minimum system approximately $1400.00:
Apple MacBook Pro 13" Retina display
2.2GHz – 3.4GHz processor (Intel i5 or i7)
256 GB flash storage hard drive
8GB 1600MHz RAM memory

VisCom students are also required to purchase Adobe Creative Cloud software upon entering the program.
Adobe Creative Cloud: $20 to $30 monthly membership free membership with university enrollment