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Master of Arts in Art History

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Master of Art in Art History

Graduate Student Application

The Master’s Program in Art History in the OU School of Visual Arts is dedicated to maintaining high academic standards while simultaneously providing individualized attention in the advising and training of its students. The Art History faculty is committed to developing critical, creative, scholarly approaches to the history of art works, approaches grounded in sensitive perception as well as in familiarity with pertinent primary and secondary texts within a broader cultural context. Verbal and written discourse augments perceptual skills that are emphasized at every stage in the program. A student must demonstrate ability to use French, German, Spanish, or another approved language as a research tool.

The MA in Art History degree prepares the candidate to enter a doctoral program in Art History or to engage in museum or gallery work. Students seeking to gain admission to this degree program should have a strong liberal arts background with at least 18 hours in undergraduate art history credit. Students with fewer hours in art history must demonstrate special proficiency to do graduate work.

M.A. Degree Checksheet

Art History Graduate Coordinator Contact

Dr Alison Fields serves as the Coordinator of Art History Graduate programs.

Prospective students may contact Dr. Fields at with questions or to schedule a meeting on campus.