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Custom STEM Events

A group of children participate in a discovery flight

Custom STEM Events

At Sooner Flight Academy, we love to teach kids about flying, but we also do a lot more. We’ve created a wide variety of hands-on programs designed to let students in grades K-12 discover the scientific principles that make things work. Whether here at the airport or at your next event, students will learn to love science and math in a fun and educational atmosphere!

Kids at the OU Sooner Flight Academy Day Camp
Day Camps

Sooner Flight Academy's School is Out Day Camps are for children in K-5th grade. Day Camps take place from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and are scheduled to coincide with select Norman Public Schools holidays. Day Camp students participate in hands-on activities, where they will explore, experiment, engineer and engage with scientific principles based on a variety of themes.

Sooner Flight Academy Staff at Training Event
Leadership & Corporate Trainings

Are you looking for a unique team building experience for your employess? At our corporate training events, we use aviation concepts that relate to real-life work environments to boost your team's moral and reinspire them to push through difficult challenges.  

Kids attend STEM night
Family STEM Nights

Would you like Sooner Flight Academy to be a part of your school’s Family STEM Night? We can bring a single activity, run the entire event or anything in between! Our fun, family-friendly activities let parents and kids engage in hands-on stations that reveal the science behind Newton's Laws of Motion, Bernoulli's Principle and much more!

AR App Screenshot- quiz mode
Augmented Reality App

Using a smartphone or tablet, users can scan a flat surface, such as the floor of a large room or gym and the app will “place” a life-size digital airplane into their environment. Users can then explore and interact with the aircraft, learn about the parts of the plane, and test their knowledge about airplane functionality. 

Available now on Apple and Andriod devices!

Tikcet to Tomorrow program, with space shuttles and other items in a gymnasium
School & Group Programs

Sooner Flight Academy offers many exciting educational programs to schools and other organizations for on-site, hands-on learning opportunities. From single-classroom experiences to school-wide assemblies, we can customize a variety of fun physics activities for your classroom or school.

Sooner Flight Academy Staff at Community Event
Community Events

Need an exciting STEM activity at your event? Let Sooner Flight Academy keep your young participants engaged with hands-on science activities and demonstrations. 


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