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Gender and Equality Center, LGBTQ Programs

The LGBTQ+ Program is a function of the Gender + Equality Center. The program works towards cultivating an affirming, educational, and diverse community for LGBTQ+ students, faculty, and staff at the University of Oklahoma by providing engagement opportunities and educational resources. Learn more about our mission.


LGBTQ+ Orientation is the first event of the semester, hosted by the LGBTQ+ Program Advisory Board. We hope to connect our incoming students with on-campus and local resources to enhance their experience on campus.


The LGBTQ+ Program Advisory Board serves as the programming arm of the Gender + Equality Center’s LGBTQ+ Programs. From drag shows to trivia nights, the LGBTQ+ Program Advisory Board plans a variety of events for the Norman campus community. Any student is welcome to volunteer and apply!


The LGBTQ+ Mentorship Program is a function of the OU Gender + Equality Center. The program seeks to provide support and guidance to students who are looking for a mentor in the LGBTQ+ community. New students will be paired with a peer mentor as well as an alumni with shared identities, professional, and/or academic goals.


Aspiring Ally focuses on the continued growth of an individual on their Ally journey. Through our Aspiring Ally & Aspiring Ally 2.0 trainings, we provide the participants the foundational knowledge as well as a tool kit so you can make the commitment to aspire to be better, do better, and to continue to grow and learn.


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LGBTQ+ Programs

Students holding a Pride flag in front of Evans Hall

The LGBTQ+ Program is a function of the Gender + Equality Center. The program works towards cultivating an affirming, educational, and diverse community for LGBTQ+ students, faculty, and staff at the University of Oklahoma by providing engagement opportunities and educational resources.

Upcoming Events

Queer Tour

Aug 15  |  9:30 AM  |  Check In at Unity Garden, South Oval

Tired of the first week of school? Join us at our very first Kiki & Coffee with the GEC. You get to enjoy free coffee and chat with the GEC staff or an LGBTQ+ student leader about your experience or your class assignments. Coffee on us, bring your questions, and be in community with us!

LGBTQ+ & Allies Meet & Greet

Sep 7  |  6 PM  |  Conocco Courtyard

The goal of LGBTQ+ & Allies Meet & Greet is to welcome new and returning Queer students to campus. Students will get a chance to meet each other as well as allies across campus. The event will have free food, arts & craft, and more. All are welcome to attend.


Proudly Gleaming: Rainbow Road Rave

Oct 18  |  7 PM  |  Ballroom, OMU

As an official part of CAC’s Homecoming, this event will create a specific, intentional space to uplift and support our LGBTQ+ people as a recognized part of the OU family in one of our oldest campus traditions. The night will feature dancing, hors d'oeuvres, light refreshments, and more entertainment.



Nov 16  |  6 PM  |  Couch Restaurants

We know that many people do not have supportive families or have a difficult time making it home for Thanksgiving. Queersgiving is a free Thanksgiving meal open to the OU community members. 50 attendees will be given a free meal to the Couch Cafeteria Fall Harvest Meal and dinner will happen in Davenports. 


Drag Bingo: Pride on the Prarie

Aug 15  |  6:30 PM  |  Ballroom, OMU

Drag Bingo is a signature event during Camp Crimson. Students can play bingo, win cool prizes, and enjoy free drag performances featuring local/student performers with a celebrity host from RuPaul's Drag Race. The event will be in the Ballroom of Oklahoma Memorial Union.

Pride & Politics

Sep 14  |  6 PM  |  Heritage, OMU

Interested in learning more about LGBTQ+ issues at the local and state level? Want to connect to organizers from local LGBTQ+ organizations? Join us at our Pride & Politics for a discussion on different state and local policies that may impact our community. Free food and refreshments are provided.


LGBTQ+ History Month Brunch: Power to the People

Oct 28  |  11 AM  |  Ballroom, OMU

The LGBTQ+ Student Alliance and CAC's Speaker Bureau are hosting a brunch celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month. We will have free food, and RSVP is required. You will hear from our LGBTQ+ student leaders as well as our keynote speaker, Dr. Z Nicolazzo. 


Crimson & Queens

Dec 2  |  7 PM  |  Ballroom, OMU

Crimson & Queens, the largest annual drag show in Oklahoma, features performances by students, local professionals, and our extra-special headliner, as well as a live Q&A. As OU faculty and staff, you are having FREE ADMISSION to the show with a valid OUID.


List of highlighted events hosted by LGBTQ+ Programs. Queer Tour on August 16. Drag Bingo on August 18. Meet & Greet on September 1. Pride & Politics: LGBTQ+ Issues on the Ballot on September 8. Drag Workshop on September 25. 50th Anniversary Brunch: LGBTQ+ History Month Event on October 1. Proudly Gleaming - Homecoming Dance on October 13. Rainbow Neath the Western Sky - LGBTQ+ History at OU Project throughout the month of October. Queers-giving meal on November 17.

The schedule may be subject to change and is not containing all events put on by LGBTQ+ Programs or the Gender + Equality Center. For more information about upcoming events or small-scale gatherings, please visit the Gender + Equality Center's engage page.


All-Gender Restrooms

An all-gender restroom is a lockable room with a toilet and sink, for use by one individual at a time, regardless of gender. The current signage for the restrooms could include “family restroom” or “unisex” but is meant to allow single-use, all-gender occupants. 

All-Gender restrooms are specifically advocated for to provide a secure and comfortable space for the members of the LGBTQ+ community who may identify as trans or non-binary, individuals with disabilities whose attendant is of another gender identity, and parents with children of the opposite sex to support inclusive environments.

Here you can find a Google map marking All-Gender Restrooms around Norman campus. If we miss any on campus, please let us know at

For an accessible list of these restrooms, please visit the link below


Name Change Process

For trans and gender non-conforming students, using their affirming name is important to one's overall well-being and success on campus.  Staff at the Gender + Equality Center can assist you in the process of executing a legal name change with the University.  We also understand that not all students are in the position to legally change their name, but would still like to use their affirming name.

While it would great to only be required to update this information in one location, OU's technology infrastructure is not currently set up in such a way as to make that possible.

Our staff is working on long-term solutions to make this process easier; however, in the mean time, we have provided as much information as possible below. If you need any assistance or have further questions, please reach out to us at


Get Involved!

Whether you are interested in trigonometry or trivia nights, there is an LGBTQ+ community group for you. There are many student groups at OU that focus on community building amongst LGBTQ+ individuals. You can find campus-wide student groups through the Gender + Equality Center such as the LGBTQ+ Student Alliance, the LGBTQ+ Program Advisory Board, or the Mentorship Program.

You can also find many LGBTQ+ student groups in specific academic colleges such as Journalism, Business, or even graduate degrees at OU Health and OU Law. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, you can always start your own organization!

If on-campus options are not exactly what you are looking for or if you are already graduated, there are still many other opportunities to get plugged into the campus community as well the local community. 


LGBTQ+ Support Group

The University Counseling Center offers a wide variety of group counseling experiences, including LGBTQ+ identity support group. This group provides a safe and affirming space for students to process a broad array of issues including identity, interpersonal and/or romantic relationships, family concerns, academic and career stressors, and more.

Group counseling provides feedback and support, promotes social skills, and eases students' access issues. Group therapy is FREE for students. Groups generally consist of 4 to 12 group members. Groups meet weekly on Fridays for 90 minutes. 

Date: Fridays (starting September 16)                            

Time: 1 - 2:30 PM

Location: University Counseling Center

To sign up, call the University Counseling Center at (405) 325-2911 and state that you are interested in participating in the LGBTQ+ support group. The Center will follow up to gather more information.

Aspiring Allies

LGBTQ+ Aspiring Ally Training started in 2008, designed with the intent to change the culture on campus, one person at a time. To date, we have educated over 10,000 people about LGBTQ+ identities, experiences, and ways to show support. Our Aspiring Ally program has been received with open arms in a variety of ways and continues to grow! We are now a fundamental part of multiple degree programs, we offer Allly training to various Greek chapters, and even extend to our Health Science Center and Tulsa campuses. 

Allyship as a concept is a powerful tool to help move the social needle towards justice; however, all too often, well intentioned folks can cause harm to those with marginalized identities in really significant ways. Aspiring Ally focuses on the continued growth of an individual on their Ally journey. Rather than calling oneself an ally, an individual can make the commitment to aspire to be better, do better, and to continue to grow and learn. 


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