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The Importance of Earning a Degree

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We believe earning an OU degree has an immensely positive impact on the lives of our students. A University of Oklahoma degree not only expands the opportunities for personal earning potential of our graduates, but it also prepares them to enhance the quality of life in their community, state, nation, and the global marketplace.

Even in uncertain economic times, investing in your OU degree yields an extremely strong return on investment. The Chronicle of Higher Education estimates the earnings gap between those who have earned a bachelor’s degree and work full time in comparison to their peers with a high school diploma to be $32,000 per year or nearly $1.4 million over one’s lifetime. In an ever-changing world, OU also instills in its students the critical-thinking skills and the ability to learn for a lifetime allowing them to pivot, flex and adjust in response.

As you start your OU journey, whether as a first-year student or further along in your academic career, take time to chart a course for your future. It is not too early to begin planning for graduation. Think seriously about your major and the type of courses you want to take. Don’t be wary of trying something new. Use your General Education courses to explore fields of study you haven’t considered before. 

Planning for graduation is not a passive activity. Discuss your goals and desires with faculty and staff here at OU. You are surrounded by caring professionals who can offervaluable insight, expertise, and experience in planning your academic path. There are many resources on campus to help you toward graduation and enhance your educational experience. Take advantage of all the opportunities and services to position yourself to impact the broader community as a graduate. Get involved outside of class. Look into study abroad programs. Join an organization and develop your leadership skills.