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Steps to Graduate

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Steps to Graduate

Student wearing academic regalia and holding diploma cover.

OU students are required to meet with their academic advisor each Fall and Spring Semester to discuss progress toward degree and to be advised on courses for the following semester. It is the student's responsibility to schedule an advising appointment with their advisor and stay continuously enrolled to meet degree requirements.

Once students hit 90 hours of passed courses plus current enrollment, a Graduation Tab will open in ONE for students to complete tasks for degree completion. For a majority of undergraduate majors, 90-hours marks 75%-degree completion point (120 hours of degree requirements X .75 = 90 hours). Students should reach the point a year prior to their final term. For example, if a student is on track to graduate in Spring of ’24, the 90-hour mark should be hit in Spring of ’23. For degrees requiring more than 120 hours, 90-hours will be a bit premature but will allow students to anticipate next steps.

By indicating an expected graduation date students will initiate a degree check conversation with their academic advisor and open up important check points. Students will be prompted to answer this quiestion within iAdvise once they reach a certain credit hour threshold.

As students come down to the final stretch of their degree programs, advisors will conduct formal degree checks and monitor their course enrollments carefully to make certain students remain on track to degree completion. Prior to each of the last two semesters in a student’s senior (graduating) year through the end of the second week of classes, advisors will reach out to students who have made any errors in their enrollment and help with course corrections. There is no need for students to confirm their enrollments with their advisors; the advisor will reach out to a student if an error occurs.

All OU students are required to submit a graduation application in order to have their academic records reviewed and degrees cleared. Academic advisors will grant access to the graduation application based on the final degree check during the advising appointment for a student's last semester. If it is determined that a student has more than one semester of course work to complete degree requirements, access to the application will be pushed to the following semester. Once students have been approved to apply for graduation, the application link will show up in the Graduation Tab in ONE. For questions on accessing the graduation application, a student should email their assigned academic advisor or discuss during their scheduled advising appointment. Submit the graduation application by the deadlines listed below:

Graduation DateApplication Due Date
Fall: December GraduationMay 1
Spring: May GraduationDecember 1
Summer: August GraduationMarch 1

For students who are struggling to finish an OU degree, the Graduation Hotline is available. This is not a resource most students will need in their collegiate career.

Once a student’s final course enrollment has been checked, advisors will confirm final degree check status. Those students whose final course enrollment along with any other action items, such as submitting a transcript for any courses which need to be transferred to meet, will meet all degree requirements are indicated as ON-TRACK to graduate. Students who are missing requirements or who didn’t pass or withdrew from a required course the previous semester but who will continue to be supported by their college advisor will be indicated as OFF-TRACK – COLLEGE TRACKING. Those students who need additional assistance with mapping out an alternative degree completion plan may be referred to the Completion Specialist in the Graduation and Persistence Support office. These students will be indicated as OFF-TRACK-Referred to GPS.

Students who have been indicated as on-track to graduate will be enrolled in the Graduate OU site 4 to 5 weeks into the term in which they anticipate graduating. Students should see the Graduate OU resource site in Canvas and will be notified by email about meeting this milestone. Completion of all steps in Graduate OU site are required for the full graduation experience! 

Modules within Graduate OU include:

Graduation GearStudents will have the chance to register to participate in the one-stop Graduation Gear-Up event through this module. For students who are unable to attend the event, details will be given for purchasing the gear needed to be a part of the graduation celebration ceremonies.
Ceremony RegistrationThis module is the only access for students to register to participate in graduation ceremonies. All the details for ceremonies will be found here. 
Diploma ConfirmationThis module provides the opportunity to confirm information for the printing and mailing of diplomas, including preferred names. Students also will share a non-OU email address so the university may stay in contact post-graduation should the need arise. And students will be asked about any directory holds which might prohibit the publishing of a student’s degree completion in the online and printed graduation program.
Holds that Impact GraduationJust as the name suggests – holds will delay a student from completing important university business – like staying continuously enrolled or even being cleared with a degree. This module gives a general overview of holds and will help students determine if they have a hold on their account and how to remove it. 
Post-Graduation PlansStudents must provide details about their post-graduation plans through the First-Destination Survey included in this module. Whether that may be exploring career opportunities or confirming a job offer, preparing to apply or attending graduate school, or pursuing other options, the university wants to know your first stop after graduation. Students also can stay connected to the Career Center following graduation for support in finding that first stop.

Email questions to

The final degree verification occurs after the grades for the final semester are posted. When the degree candidate's transcript is complete and all requirements have been fulfilled, the college advising office sends a degree clearance list to the Office of the Registrar. The Office of the Registrar then verifies that the student has paid all enrollment fees and tuition. If the Bursar balance has been paid in full, the Office of the Registrar will post the final degree(s) earned on the transcript. If a student has not completed all of the requirements, the Office of the Registrar holds all information regarding graduation, which includes posting to the National Student Clearing House where potential employers go to verify degree completion.

Diplomas are mailed approximately three months after graduation.

  • December Graduates
    • Undergraduate and master's degree diplomas are mailed in late March to early April
    • Doctoral diplomas are mailed in late April to early May
  • May Graduates
    • Undergraduate and master's degree diplomas are mailed in late July to early August
    • Doctoral diplomas are mailed in late August to early September
  • Summer Graduates
    • Undergraduate and master's degree diplomas are mailed in late October to early November
    • Doctoral diplomas are mailed in late November to early December

If assistance is needed with any of the following, please visit the Office of the Registrar's website for more information or email :

  • Ordering additional diplomas
  • Ordering a replacement diploma with a change of name
  • Ordering a replacement for a lost or destroyed diploma
  • Change or confirm your diploma mailing address

**Students-- Be certain to include your name and student ID number in your email correspondence.

Final Transcripts

While many students never bother to check their final official transcript, we recommend that a student obtain a copy for your files. Official transcripts are released by the Office of the Registrar upon written request of the student, except when a student has a balance on their Bursar account. The final official transcript, with the degree posted, should be available approximately one month after a student's official graduation date.

Please visit the Office of the Registrar website for more information.

Graduation Date

The official graduation date appearing on diplomas and transcripts is the last day of examinations in the Fall and Spring, and the last day of classes for the final block in the Summer. This date appears on the student’s permanent academic record.