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Compass & BIT

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Compass Network & BIT

The Compass Network works very closely with the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) to coordinate which group can offer the best support to students. The information below should help you determine how to best refer your student.

Compass Network

Contact the Compass Network if a student is in need of support to overcome personal challenges that could hinder academic and personal success.

compass network logo
  • Student is struggling with academic success skills or negative academic behaviors
  • Student has exhibited continued challenges adjusting to college life
  • Student is experiencing difficulties  with academic fit in college or department 
  • Student has personal, family or financial concerns impacting degree attainment
  • Student is considering leaving OU
  • You know a student needs support but you are unsure of the specifics

Compass Network responds to referrals during normal business hours.

Contact Info:
(405) 325-8103

Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

Contact the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) if a student displays concerning behaviors or attitudes. BIT deals with disruptive or troubling behavior.

BIT logo
  • Student displays significant personal changes including: appearance, behavior, or activities
  • Student shows or mentions hostile behaviors: disruptions, aggression, or threats of harm
  • You believe a student may cause harm to self or others
  • Something seems to be seriously wrong
  • If you believe a student is the victim of hostile behavior from another student (disruptions, aggression, or threats of harm)

The help provided by BIT is a more appropriate response for concerning distress.

Referring to BIT is available 24/7.

Contact Info:

(405) 325-7700

If you're unsure which office to contact, either can assist in getting you to the correct department. If a student has mentioned, displayed or you notice any items that fall under the BIT category, we encourage you to contact BIT.