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Student Costs for Services

These lists are intended to provide an estimate for self-pay student patient visits. Office visits range from $20-35. Labs, x-rays and procedures are additional charges as detailed below. If your provider orders a lab or procedure not on this list, you may request a cost estimate from Patient Services. Your insurance may cover all or part of the charges. Contact your insurance carrier to discuss your plan coverage details and out-of-pocket costs. 

Allergy Injection, Multipleprocedure, injection$20
Allergy Injection, Singleprocedure, injection$15
Earwax Removalprocedure, misc$78
Nebulizer Treatmentprocedure, upper respiratory$32
IV Hydration, up to one hourprocedure, misc$86
IV Hydration, each addtional hourprocedure, misc$23
Wart Removal, up to 14procedure$168
Wart Removal, 15 or moreprocedure$200
Incision and drainage of abcessprocedure$108
Toenail Removalprocedure$348
Laceration Repair, 2.5 cm or lessprocedure$138
Laceration Repair, 2.5 cm or moreprocedure$170
Excision of Lesion .6 cm to 1.0 cmprocedure$229
Removal of Skin Tagsprocedure$136
Incision and drainage of Pilonidal Cystprocedure$274
Removal of Nexplanon implantprocedure, contraception$224
Audiometry (hearing test)procedure$46
Removal of Intrauterine Device (IUD)procedure, contraception
Lab Venipuncturelab$15
CBC with diff.lab, fatigue, gastrointestinal, physical$20
Strep Testlab$19
Chlamydia/Gonorrhea Testlab$84
Comprehensive Metabolic Profilelab$13
Quad Test - Flu A/B, COVID, RSVlab$143
Tuberculosis Blood Testlab$95
Tuberculosis Skin testlab$10
Mono testlab$28
Wet Preplab$16
Pap Testlab$40
Urine Culturelab$13
HIV Blood Testlab$38
Throat Culturelab$14
Sickle Cell Screenlab$21
Syphillis Testlab$20
Pregnancy Testlab$35
Ferritin (Iron) Testlab$22
Lipid Panellab$17
Vitamin Dlab$30
H. Pylorilab$103
Thyroid Panellab$37
Chest Xray, PA and Latradiology$54
Foot, 3 Viewradiology$44
Ankle, 3 Viewradiology$47
Lumbar Spine, 5 Viewradiology$74
Wrist, 3 Viewradiology$53
Knee, 4 Viewradiology$60
KUB (kidney, ureter, bladder)radiology$60
Hand, 3 Viewradiology$45
Fingers, 3 Viewradiology$46
Tib/Fib 2 Viewradiology$40
Vaccine Admin Feevaccine$31
Mening. Group Bvaccine$205
Hep Avaccine$87
Hep Bvaccine$45
HPV/ Gardasilvaccine$306
Typhoid IMvaccine$96
Yellow Fever vaccine$205
Physical Therapy evaluationmisc$30
physical therapy modalitymisc$15
walking bootmisc$138
ankle brace lace upmisc$86
hinged knee bracemisc$120

This list is current as of June 2023 and pricing is subject to change.