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HLC 2023 Reports

HLC 2023 Cycle

The University of Oklahoma is on the Higher Learning Commission's Open Pathway for Accreditation. This 10-year cycle has multiple touchpoints throughout, including regular updates on the institution, assurances OU is meeting the Criteria for Accrediation as laid out by HLC, and monitoring of federal regulations. The cycle culminated in a Decennial Review and Site Visit that reaffirmed OU's accreditation status. This 10-year cycle is referred to as HLC 2023, since OU's reaffirmation visit was completed May 1-2, 2023.

Included below are the documents that comprise OU's HLC 2023 Cycle.

Comprehensive Evaluation - 2023

The HLC 2023 Comprehensive Evaluation was completed May 1-2, 2023. The Assurance Argument was submitted prior to the site visit; the Peer Review Team Report and Letter of Accreditation reaffirmed our accreditation status, allowing us to begin the next 10-year cycle of continuous improvement and quality assurance.

Quality Initiative Report - 2022

The University of Oklahoma submitted the Quality Initiative Report May 19, 2022. The Peer Review evaluation confirmed there was genuine effort on the part of the institution in the undertaking of the approved project.

Multi-Location Site Visit - 2021

HLC periodically visits and reviews additional locations where the University of Oklahoma offers in-person instruction for programs located off one of the three campuses. The Multi-Location Site Visit was completed May 4, 2021 and May 6, 2021.

Quality Initiative Proposal - 2020

The University of Oklahoma put forward it's Quality Initiative Proposal May 28, 2020. The proposed project was approved by HLC.

Interim Report - 2019

The University provided HLC with the required Interim Report on general education assessment practices on May 28, 2019.

Assurance Review - 2017

The University of Oklahoma sent the Year 4 Assurance Argument in for review August 14, 2017. Based on the assurance argument and the provided evidence, HLC determined an interim report on general education assessment was required.