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Undergraduate Research Day


Undergraduate Research Day is an annual conference and celebration by the Honors College which showcases outstanding undergraduate research and creative activity for an audience of other students, faculty, and parents. Students who were funded in their research or creative activities from the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program are required to present, but all students are welcome to showcase their work.

Join us for Undergraduate Research Day 2024 on April 13th, 2024!

Undergraduate Research Day will be held on Saturday April 13th, 2024 from 9am to 3pm at the Thurman White Forum Building, 1704 Asp Avenue, University of Oklahoma. 

All presentations must be in short-talk format such as PowerPoint, video, and/or performance. Presentations will be restricted to 10 minutes, leaving 5 minutes for questions. Presentations should include the project's objective, methodology, outcome, and significance. If working on a project that is part of a professor's research project, students should make clear their own contribution. PowerPoint slides should be developed by the student presenters, not their professors (although professors/mentors can provide guidance and feedback).

All presentations will be considered for an award. Presentations will be evaluated based on the following criteria: 

  • Quality and originality of the project
  • Clarity of methodology
  • Project's relevance is conveyed and/or contextualized within a broader field
  • Ideas are explained clearly
  • Interpretations/conclusions/results are clear
  • Presentation quality (clear speech, well-prepared, observes the time limits, relevant and effective visuals, etc.)
  • Material is made accessible to non-specialists in the audience