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Local Vendors

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Local Vendors

Housing and Food Services is committed to various sustainability efforts, especially in sourcing our food from local, fair and humane vendors. We believe in supporting the local community and knowing exactly what goes into each meal. We have formed relationships with many vendors in Oklahoma and have even started our own initiatives to grow produce on campus.

Local Vendors Directory


AdvancePierre Logo

AdvancePierre Foods, Inc. is a nationally recognized manufacturer and marketer of value-added proteins and sandwich products to a wide variety of distribution outlets including food service, retail and vending and convenience store providers. With revenues of more than $1.6 billion and more than 4,100 employees, AdvancePierre offers a broad line of packaged sandwiches; fully cooked beef, chicken, and pork products; uncooked meat items such as Philly-style steak, breaded beef and stuffed chicken entrée; and bakery products that are all produced from high-quality ingredients and provide unparalleled taste, convenience and value to both operators and their patrons. The world class protein factories located in Oklahoma deliver great tasting, high-quality foods that many eat every day.

Clement's Foods

Clement's Foods Logo

Clement’s Foods is large enough to offer economical prices while small enough to remain responsive to customers' needs. A program of constant upgrade and improvement in both processing and packaging has resulted in one of the most modern and efficient food manufacturing facilities in the nation.

Manufacturing and warehousing facilities include a main complex in Oklahoma City consisting of over 150,000 square feet on 18 acres. A modern state-of-art vinegar plant was completed in 2000 adjacent to the main plant in Oklahoma City.

Griffin Foods

Griffin Foods Logo - House of Webster - Sharing the great tastes of life

Griffin Food Company specializes in the production and packaging of liquid and emulsified semi-solid based food products. While our primary expertise is table syrups and mustards, our capabilities extend well beyond those categories. We offer multiple product sizes including retail packs, food service, and industrial.

Head Country Bar-B-Q

Head Country Bar-B-Q Logo

Some say a good Bar-B-Q sauce brings a meal together. Well, Head Country believes a truly great Bar-B-Q sauce brings people together. Born in the heartland from a melting pot of celebrated traditions, the rich blend of flavors capture the spirit of what Bar-B-Q stands for—family, friends and food.

Hiland Dairy Foods

Hiland Dairy Foods Logo

Hiland Dairy was born in America's heartland, beginning with a small herd of cows and a couple of trucks delivering farm-fresh milk to local grocers. Today, we continue to proudly support the communities in which we live and the businesses whose customers rely on our wholesome products every day.

La Baguette

La Baguette Bistro Logo

La Baguette opened for business in 1984 in Norman and has since established itself as a well-known restaurant with freshly baked breads, desserts, pastries and a variety of savory meals. The restaurant’s desserts can be spotted in various places including the Sweet Shoppe at Couch Restaurants.

Mountain View Meat Company

Mountain View Meat Company Logo - Since 1974

The art of making sausages is one of the oldest forms and techniques of cooking. At Mountain View, the family has been making sausages the old fashioned way for over 40 years and three generations. Every batch is mixed with the perfect blend of spices to create bold, rich flavors, the signature of the family's southern roots. Each one of their sausages is touched by hand to ensure both quality and taste. The business has a strong heritage of making sausages right here in northeast Oklahoma and believes in the Oklahoma way of hard work, quality and tradition.

Mrs. Smith's

Mrs. Smith's Logo

One of the largest frozen pie brands in the United States, Mrs. Smith’s bakery products can be found in national and local grocery stores all over the country.

OK Foods

OK Foods Logo - a Bachoco company

For more than 70 years, they’ve built their business on a practical philosophy: keeping it simple. They produce quality chicken products at a good value, with genuine service along the way. Their retail products can be found in grocery stores across the United States and overseas. They offer a popular mix of chicken products, which meet the tastes and preferences of today’s consumer.

Oklahoma City Meat Co.

Oklahoma City Meat Co. Logo

The company began in 1957 and has since made providing customers with the highest quality of beef, pork and chicken its mission.

O'Steen Meats

O'Steen Meats Logo

O’Steen was started by Jim, June and Rick O’Steen in 1989 to produce pre-marinated products for the restaurant industry. Since that time, they have expanded into other areas of food processing with the same goals in mind, to provide outstanding products that are consistent in quality and flavor and that will provide labor savings and value to the operators.

Schwab Meat Company

Schwab & Co. Meat Logo - Established 1912

The Schwab Meat Co. dream began in Sachsenhausen, West Germany with the company’s founder, George Peter Schwab. After landing at Ellis Island on July 20, 1890, with several prized “old world” sausage recipes, Schwab set out to make his dream of bringing authentic German sausages to the United States a reality. Today, Schwab sausages are the official hot dog of the OKC Thunder.

Seaboard Foods

Seaboard Foods Logo

Known as Seaboard Farms in the beginning, Seaboard Foods, a division of Seaboard Corporation, started building farms in Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado and Texas. Today, farm operations consist of genetic and commercial breeding, farrowing, nursery and finishing farms. More than 2,000 dedicated farm employees produce about 4 million hogs annually, ranking Seaboard Foods as a top 3 U.S. pork producer.

Shawnee Milling Company

Shawnee Mills Logo

One of the leading independent mills in the U.S., Shawnee Milling produces over 2 million pounds of consumer, food service and animal feed products every day. Known for their quality and value, Shawnee Mills produces flour, cornmeal, gravy, pizza crust and various baking mixes.

Stilwell Foods

Stilwell Logo

Stilwell Foods, Inc. began in 1942 as a canning company that provided canning tomato products for the U.S. government during World War II. By 1985, the company was producing millions of pounds of frozen vegetables, fruits, bakery products and breaded vegetables. The company’s products can be found in multiple places including restaurants, hospitals, schools and other retail locations.


Sweis Pita Bakery Logo

When the Sweis family came to Oklahoma from the heart of the Mediterranean, they wanted to show their hospitality by sharing the foods that had become the center of their family’s lives. Sweis has been serving Oklahoma since 1976 with their pita bakery that sells fresh and healthy breads made with simple ingredients from recipes that have been handed down for many, many years. In addition to the bakery, the Sweis family owns and operates three restaurants in Oklahoma City.

Tyson Foods

Tyson Logo

Tyson Foods is headquartered in Springdale, Arkansas, with branches throughout the United States, including a location in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Tyson is primarily known for its selection of chicken products that are sold in grocery stores across the nation.

Value Added Products

Value Added Products Logo

A farmer-owned manufacturing cooperative strategically located in the Central U.S., VAP produces pizza and pastry items in pre-proofed and rested dough.

Vineyard Fruit & Vegetable Co.

Vineyard Fruit & Vegetable Co. Logo - Quality Since 1969

Since 1959, Vineyard Fruit and Vegetable has specialized in fresh-cut potato products while expanding the family-owned-and-operated business to include a full line of fruit and vegetable products, dairy, eggs, frozen hors d'oeuvres and desserts, spices and custom bottled barbecue sauce, salsa, jelly and relish. Today the company’s extensive line of products and services continues to grow as a result of their efforts to meet customers’ evolving needs.