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Abstract logo of six books on a shelf with one book on the end leaning toward the others. From left to right the colors are light blue, dark blue, crimson, gold, dark green, light green. With the text "University of Oklahoma Arts and Humanities Forum"This is the emblem of the Forum.

Excellence in the Arts & Humanities

The Arts & Humanities Forum is the humanities center at the University of Oklahoma. Serving all arts and humanities disciplines, the Forum creates and administers opportunities for funding, faculty development, public and community-engaged scholarship, and digital humanities projects. Each year the Forum awards more than $80,000 in funding for innovative projects across the arts and humanities, and provides specialized support and professional development in target disciplines. The Forum also hosts a series of engaging events throughout the academic year showcasing the best new huamnistic research and creative projects from the OU community.

The OU Arts & Humanities Forum supports and promotes innovative, interdisciplinary humanities research that seeks to understand and transform our world. Through grants, symposia, lecture series, workshops, and digital media platforms, the Forum facilitates an environment of advancement for arts and humanities scholarship by OU faculty and students and shares that knowledge with communities of learners within and beyond the university.

Forum News

Abstract emblem of six books, from left to right: light blue, dark blue, crimson, gold, dark green, light green. The last book is leaning on the others to the left. With text: The Stack: Arts & Humanities Forum Spring/Summer 2021 Newsletter

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