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Funding Opportunities

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Funding Opportunities for Research and Creative Activity

The Arts & Humanities Forum provides several opportunities for research funding for OU faculty. Applications for funding typically open in the spring and are awarded for the following academic year. In addition to internal programs, the Forum also sponsors attendance at the National Humanities Center Summer Residency for regular faculty.

Forum Programs for OU Faculty

Abstract emblem of three books, dark blue, crimson, and gold, with the text "Arts & Humanities Faculty Fellowships"

The Arts & Humanities Faculty Fellowship is among the most prestigious awards available to arts and humanities scholars and creators at OU. The purpose of the AHFF program is to support dynamic and innovative research and creative activity projects proposed by regular faculty in the arts, fine arts, and humanities by providing them the opportunity to focus on a scholarly and/or creative activity that significantly transforms the faculty member’s research program and makes notable contributions to the field.

Each fellowship provides up to $15,000 in instructional replacement costs to the fellow’s home department (this amount must be negotiated with the applicant’s department chair prior to submission of the proposal) and may include project-related travel, equipment, student, or other support.

Click here for more Information about the AHFF program

Abstract emblem of two blue books, one lighter, with the text "Manuscript Development Workshop"

The OU Arts & Humanities Forum’s Manuscript Development Workshop program is intended to provide significant intellectual feedback to selected members of OU’s faculty (at both the junior and senior levels) whose book manuscripts or equivalent are at an advanced stage of preparation. Projects may be digital or collaborative, and may include translations, but will typically be single-authored monographs.

For each workshop, one or two senior scholars/editors in relevant fields are selected by the Forum (from a list proposed by the selected faculty member) and are invited to the OU campus. They will review the manuscript in advance, and they will discuss it with the faculty member at the workshop in order to further its development toward publication. We expect that they will provide written comments on the manuscript, either in advance or at the workshop. The workshop format is a closed session in which the invited scholars, along with one or two OU scholars, offer concentrated feedback on the manuscript to the faculty member.

Click here for more information on the Manuscript Development Workshops

Abstract emblem of two books, one crimson, one gold, with the text "Forum Public Fellows"

The Arts & Humanities Forum at the University of Oklahoma will award up to five faculty grants of $5000 in support of research/creative activity and public programing around the Forum’s interdisciplinary theme. The 2023-2024 Forum theme focuses on “Visibility.” We seek applications from OU Faculty with research projects/creative activity that will contribute to this intellectual focus. There are no disciplinary restrictions on applicants as long as the work fits solidly within an artistic/humanistic framework.

Click here for more information on the Forum Public Fellows Program  

Abstract emblem of two green books, one darker and one lighter leaning on the first, with the text "Faculty Reading Groups"

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many disruptions to our daily lives, and one of the most profound disruptions felt in Academia has been scholarly isolation. As individuals, this isolation affects our own sense of well-being. But it also hampers our ability as scholars to think creatively, write with passion, and energetically engage our disciplines. In order to foster the kind of scholarly excellence brought about through a robust community of scholars, the Arts & Humanities Forum sponsors 2-3 reading groups per summer. (Grant program suspended for Summer 2023)

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