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OU Fabrication Lab

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OU Fabrication Lab

The OU Fabrication Lab houses equipment critical to design and prototyping, including specialized workspaces for woodworking, metal working, electronic component fabrication, design and painting. Whatever your interest, the Fabrication Lab offers a wide range of equipment to assist in bringing ideas, designs and prototypes to life.

Equipment & Training

Prior to using any machine in the Fabrication Lab, users must register to join the Lab's training system deployed on Canvas. The course, "Shop Fundamentals," directs users through the appropriate training videos and certification quizzes required to use Lab equipment. Training should be completed before visiting. 

Register for University Training System

Laser Cutters

Wood laser cutting machine working.

3D Printers



Questions About the OU Fabrication Lab

If you have any questions about the Fabrication Lab, including equipment or training, you can contact us by clicking the button below.

Contact Us

Waivers & Forms

Please read the attached Liability Waiver in its entirety. The document must be completed and signed before anyone may use any equipment in the Fabrication Lab. You will sign this waiver when you visit us.

All Fabrication Lab users must agree to the policies and procedures provided. Use of any equipment provided by the Fabrication Lab will serve as an acknowledgment that you have read and agree to the following policies and procedures. 

Please read the following checklist before your first visit to the Fabrication Lab. Using this checklist will ensure a positive first experience.