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Five COVID-19 Precautions to Keep Observing

Five COVID-19 Precautions to Keep Observing

Now over a month into 2021, the fight against COVID-19 continues, and practicing healthy behaviors has never been more important. Here are five easy things all of us can do to help stop the spread.

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1. Wear a Mask

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2. Frequently Wash Hands

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3. Social Distance

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4. Stay Home When Sick

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5. Get Vaccinated When Eligible

Additional tips to help protect yourself and others from COVID-19 are available from the CDC.

Bookmark Your Campus’ Website for COVID-19 Resources and Updates

Each campus’ COVID-19 website is designed to provide employees, students and visitors with up-to-date information and resources. Bookmark your campus’ website and refer to it frequently for updates.

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Article Published:  Wednesday, February 10, 2021