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Executive Team

  1. A core team of five executive leaders committed twice-weekly meetings to the strategic planning process. Each meeting averaged 3.5 hours. Beyond those sessions, each member committed time to developing ideas and identifying issues that would have to be addressed. It’s estimated this group collectively spent 2,500-3,000 hours on the project over the last year.
  2. The group also shared ideas and concepts with the University’s 18-person executive leadership team and held feedback and strategy sessions with that group during weekly meetings.

Norman Campus

  1. The President’s Academic Planning and Budget Advisory Committee’s 11-member group, co-chaired by Provost Harper and School of Music faculty member Dr. Sarah Ellis, was asked to begin exploring the establishment of our Plan. The Advisory Committee represents faculty of varying ranks and multiple disciplines. Between September and December 2019, The Advisory Committee collectively spent more than 900 hours working on the Plan and interacting with campus stakeholders, including the representative leadership of faculty, students, and staff.
  2. The Norman Deans’ Council began providing input on the development of the plan in August 2019 at its annual Deans’ Retreat. Updates on the plan’s process were provided at regular council meetings. The group provided critical feedback throughout the entire process.
  3. In October 2019, executive leadership and the Advisory Committee invited OU community members from all constituencies to participate in a survey to help inform the campus conversation around OU’s Strategic Plan. The survey yielded more than 5,000 responses.
  4. Executive leadership and Provost Harper conducted 6 town hall meetings across all three campuses throughout December 2019 and January 2020, soliciting feedback for the Strategic Plan.
  5. Final input was sought on a draft of the plan from the executive leadership team, the Norman Deans’ Council, student leadership, and Faculty and Staff Senate executive committees.