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Office of Legal Counsel

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About the Office of Legal Counsel

The Office of Legal Counsel provides legal services to the Presidents and Board of Regents for:

  • The University of Oklahoma
  • The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
  • The University of Oklahoma Tulsa
  • Cameron University
  • Rogers State University

The Office of Legal Counsel is responsible for all legal matters of the universities. In carrying out that responsibility, the General Counsel and other members of the office draft legal documents, review and recommend action on University contracts and agreements, represent the University in legal actions, and provide legal advice to those who administer the affairs of the University.  The Office of Legal Counsel cannot provide legal services to University employees or students in their personal capacities.

The Office of Legal Counsel serves as a strategic and collaborative partner and legal advisor; to prevent legal problems and mitigate risk; and to educate as to the laws, policies, and procedures applicable to the universities.