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Getting Started

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Get Started in the CMS

So, you're ready to get started – after you have access (get access after completing training) – here is how to get started on the right foot.

Working Off Campus

Emergency arises when you are at home or on vacation out of the city/state/country? If you need to connect to the CMS off-campus, you need to set up your VPN, then you can connect. More information on how to do this on the Connecting Off Campus page.

Logging In

To access the CMS, you will need to use Firefox or Chrome as your browser – others may work for some activities in the CMS, but not everything.


Log in with your 4+4 and password

What To Do Once Logged In

Once you log in to the CMS, you will be given the option to choose Sites (pages) or Assets (image/documents – for uploading, etc.). To find out more about what you can do here, visit the Site Admin  or DAM Admin pages.

Locate a Page

Next, you will need to locate a page to edit the content of your site. To see how to do this, you will locate your top-level page/folder (this is your HOMEPAGE). Either open it to edit your homepage, or keep navigating through the folders/navigation to locate your page to edit.

Create a Page

OR, you may need to CREATE a page to add content to your site. To see how to do this, visit the Create a Page page.

You've Located/Created a Page, What's Next?

Now that you've created a page, take a Page Tour of what to do with your shiny new page.