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Creative Services

Creative Services

Our creative services team capabilities include photography, videography, animation, graphic design and more.

If you would like to work with our team on a creative project, please submit a request for creative services.


We offer services to colleges, departments and programs, such as free b-roll of campus and limited equipment rental with training.

Request Stock Video/B-Roll

The video team also offers advanced services in the form of creative video productions, studio and location shoots, drone flights, video and sound editing, color grading, voiceover recording, and animation.

Video Project Proposal Form


OU Marketing and Communication has multiple professional photographers on staff who are available to departments and colleges at the University for a fee.

When requesting a photographer, please have as many details about the type of photography request you are wanting to make.

Event Photography

Photographer will attend your event and capture photos to be used in marketing and/or media materials

Event Photography Request

Portrait Photography

Your portrait will be taken on a charcoal background with a background light, allowing you to wear dark colors in your portrait. You will have the option to choose your favorite(s) on the spot. Your proofs and/or your touched-up portrait(s) will be delivered to you by email or Dropbox.

Portrait Photography Request

Other/Custom Photography

Photographer will review your form and description of needs to provide a custom photography experience

General Photography Request