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Student Life and Opportunities

A vibrant campus life.

The University of Oklahoma has one of the best student life experiences of any public university in the nation.
At least, that’s what The Princeton Review thought when it ranked OU as one of the happiest student bodies!

Life as a Mewbourne College Student


Student life at Mewbourne College is just as diverse as our student population. We have four technical societies, two honor societies, two overarching student organizations that have social events and volunteer opportunities, plus the endless cooperation of other student organizations across campus. Each of these organizations has its own unique identity. There are plenty of ways to get involved in the college, from going to technical presentations from industry professionals, to volunteering at local Norman schools teaching kids about fossils, and even getting to hang out with your peers at events like our Welcome Back Social at HeyDay (with bowling and laser tag) or the Welcome Back Cookout at Sarkeys Energy Center.

Outside the walls of Sarkeys Energy Center, you will find a vibrant student life that shows free movies to students, raises money for the Children's Hospital in OKC and for Relay for Life, hosts a massive day of community service, inspires social change on campus and the community, and so much more.

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Mewbourne College Student Organizations

The purpose of the OU American Association of Drilling Engineers is to provide a forum for the dissemination of practical drilling technology and techniques to those interested in the drilling industry while promoting professionalism and respect with regard to the drilling industry, the environment, and the communities in which the drilling industry operates. The Organization’s primary function is to provide opportunities for students to interact with current drilling professionals while promoting the aforementioned qualities.

The OU AAPG Student Chapter is very diverse in terms of its membership. Having more than 80 members at any given point, there is always a good mix of geologists, geophysicists and petroleum engineers from both undergraduate and graduate programs. Our main goals are to promote fellowship within the department, as well as giving our members various skills that they can transfer over into their professional fields.

The AAPG is made up of collegiate groups of geoscience students and is one of the world's foremost co-educational programs within the geoscience sector with over 245 chapters. It provides students the opportunity to develop leadership skills and serves as a focal point for developing a feeling of professionalism through meeting industry representatives.

Pick and Hammer is an active geology club that operates through the School of Geosciences.  All majors are welcome! Pick and Hammer is an official OU Student Organization that raises awareness of the importance of geology and geophysics in society and creates a venue for students to explore the geosciences through field trips, social events and community outreach. The organization is open to all undergraduate and graduate students of various majors.

SEG student chapters empower students to participate in and spearhead projects that will address issues, challenges, and opportunities related to the SEG's mission of promoting the science of geophysics.

OU Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts exists to help students at the University of Oklahoma learn about petrophysics and well-log analysis. Through participation in SPWLA-sponsored activities, students receive exposure to the newest techniques and ideas coming from the field of petrophysics and well-log analysis, as well as experience and opportunities available through networking with industry professionals.

The University of Oklahoma SPE Student Chapter strives to professionally enhance our student members while providing networking opportunities for the energy industry. OU SPE maintains an active role on campus by hosting social, philanthropic, and technical events. Our Petrobowl team competes internationally at ATCE and has more championship titles than any other school. We are recognized worldwide by SPE International as a Gold Standard Student Chapter, one of only 26, and are national leaders in raising funds and awareness for The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life.

The Geothermal Rising Chapter at the University of Oklahoma allows students to further their knowledge in regards to geothermal energy as well as connect with professionals knowledgeable in geothermal. GRC hosts in-person and online events that welcome all students who are wanting to learn more about geothermal energy. 

Jerry Holmes Leadership Program


The Jerry Holmes Leadership Program's mission is to help Gallogly & Mewbourne College students learn and practice the skills they will need to be effective and ethical leaders now and throughout their careers.


Holmes Leadership Program  

Campus Life at OU


The Princeton Review has ranked the University of Oklahoma as one of the happiest student bodies in the nation! It’s little wonder that Sooners are so happy. One stroll around our beautiful historic campus is enough to see why so many fall in love with the university. Our vibrant community offers something for everyone. At OU, not only will you receive a top education, you’ll make lifelong friends and become a unique part of the diverse OU family. At OU, you’ll find your home.


Campus Life at OU  

University of Oklahoma Non-Discrimination Policy


Culture is one of the strengths of our society as well as one of the hallmarks of a great university. The University supports inclusive excellene and is committed to maintaining employment, educational, and health care settings that are multicultural, multiracial, multiethnic, and all-inclusive. Respecting differences is one of the University’s missions.

The University does not discriminate or permit discrimination by any member of its community against any individual based on the individual’s race, color, religion, political beliefs, national origin, age (40 or older), sex (see Sexual Misconduct, Discrimination and Harassment policy, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity, gender expression, disability, or veteran status in matters of admissions, employment, financial aid, housing, services in educational programs or activities, or health care services that the University operates or provides.