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Gilby Jepson

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Gilby Jepson

Brett Carpenter

Ph.D., 2018, University of Adelaide
B.S., Hons., 2014, University of Adelaide

Office: SEC 920

Areas of Interest

Tectonics, structural geology, thermochronology, geochronology, geochemistry


My research involves the application of isotope geochemistry and high-to-low temperature thermochronology to structural and tectonic questions in orogenic systems. My approach blends both laboratory and field-based approaches, with the current focus on the formation and collapse of the North American Cordillera and the accretion-deformation history of Central Asia (Tianshan-Altai and the Pamir-Tibet-Himalaya orogens). In addition to application, I am always looking for new ways to do and use geochemistry and thermochronology. Currently, I am developing fission-track thermochronometers in novel mineral systems (e.g., monazite fission-track) and integrating geochronology and geochemistry (e.g., apatite fission-track, U-Pb, and trace elements). Finally, tectonic events and deformation rarely occur in isolation. In collaboration with colleagues from paleoclimate and sedimentology backgrounds, I seek to interrogate how flux in the global paleoclimate influences the distribution of global orogens.

Selected Publications

Jepson, G., B. Carrapa, George, S. W. M., Reeher, L. J., Kapp, P. A., Davis, G. H., Thomson, S. N., Amidori, C., Clinkscales, C., Jones, S., Gleadow, A. J. W., Kohn, B. P, (2022), Where did the Arizona-plano go? Middle to lower crustal processes required, Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth,

Yang, F., Jepson, G. Liu, C., Qian, Z., Zhang, X., Zhang, Y., Glorie, S., (2021), Uplift-exhumation and preservation of the Yumugou Mo-W deposit, East Qinling, China: Insights from multiple apatite low-temperature thermochronology, Ore Geology Reviews ,

Jepson, G., B. Carrapa, J. Gillespie, R. Feng, P. G. DeCelles, P. A. Kapp, C. Tabor, J. Zhu, (2021), Climate as the great equalizer of continental-scale erosion, Geophysical Research Letters,

Jepson, G., Glorie, S., Khudoley, A. K., Malyshev, S. V., Gillespie, J., Glasmacher, U. A., Carrapa, B., Soloviev, A. V., and Collins, A. S., (2021), The Mesozoic exhumation history of the Karatau-Talas range, western Tian Shan, Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan, Tectonophysics,

Gillespie, J., Glorie, S., Jepson, G., Zhimulev, F. I., Gurevich, D., Daniík, M., and Collins,  A. S., (2021), Inherited structure as a control on late Paleozoic and Mesozoic exhumation of the Tarbagatai Mountains, southeastern Kazakhstan, Journal of the Geological Society,

Jepson, G., Carrapa, B., George, S. W. M., Triantafyllou, A., Egan, S. M., Constenius, K. N., Gehrels, G. E., and Ducea, M. N., (2021), Chemical Geology, Resolving mid- to upper-crustal exhumation through apatite thermochronology and petrochronology, 565, 120071,

Gottardi, R., McAleer, R., Casale, G., Borel, M., Iriondo, A., Jepson, G., (2020), Exhumation of the Coyote Mountains metamorphic core complex (AZ): implications for orogeniccollapse of the southern North American Cordillera, Tectonics, 29(8), e2019TC006050,

Jepson, G., Glorie, S., Konopelko, D., Mirkamalov, R., Mamadjanov, Y., Gillespie, J., Daniík, M., and Collins, A., (2018), The low-temperature thermo-tectonic evolution of the western Tian Shan, Uzbekistan, Gondwana Research, 64, 122-136,

Jepson, G., Glorie, S., Konopelko, D., Mirkamalov, R., Mamadjanov, Y., Gillespie, J., Daniík, M., and Collins, A., (2018), Low-temperature thermochronology of the Chatkal-Kurama terrane (Uzbekistan-Tajikistan): insights into the Meso-Cenozoic thermal history of the western Tian Shan, Tectonics, 37(10), 3954-3969,

Jepson, G., S. Glorie, D. Konopelko, J. Gillespie, M. Danisík, E. J. Noreen, Y. Mamadjanov, and A. Collins, (2018), Thermochronological insights into the structural contact between the Tian Shan and Pamirs, Tajikistan, Terra Nova, 30(2), 95-104,