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Advanced Light Microscopes

Confocal fluorescence micrograph of a human kidney histological section originally stained with hematoxylin and eosin (H&E). A collecting duct of the kidney was imaged using autofluorescence in a Leica TCS SP8 Confocal Microscope – 10X objective, a 561nm excitation laser and “6_shades” LUT (ImageJ – Fiji). This micrograph shows the histological structure of the kidney where glomerular filtrate and tubular fluids are reabsorbed by structures, such as the Loop of Henle and the proximal and distal tubules. (Sergio A. Pineda-Castillo, Ph.D. student in Biomedical Engineering).

Advanced Light - Confocal Microscopes

Advanced light microscopy is primarily served by a LEICA SP8 Upright CLS/multiphoton/FLIM microscope, and a Keyence-VHX7000 Ultramicroscope. We have recently been donated a Zeiss Metallograph care of Tinker AFB. There is also a range of other smaller LMs, including a Leica epifluorescent stereo microscope (FM/LM) for higher level routine stereo imaging and many small desktop microscopes for casual use.

Email Dr. Tingting Gu for advanced light microscopy consultations or for materials microscopy and metallography contact Dr. Julian Sabisch

Log into iLab to see the schedule and availability.

For a graphical overview of our ALM capabilities, refer to the SRNML ALM Capabilities (PDF).

We're happy to answer any questions and work with you to acquire new capabilities.

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image of SP8 confocal microscope.
Photos by Travis Capterton
student using SP8 confocal microscope.

Located in Richards Hall room 9 | Check Leica SP8 confocal Availability

The flagship optical microscope at OU; this microscope is a dual system with both visible laser scanning confocal microscope and multi-photon on a single platform. It is an upright system with motorized stage that is ideal for traditional slide mounts and small animal imaging. 


Visible laser:
GaN laser: 405nm 
Argon laser: 458, 476, 488, 496
DPSS laser: 561nm
HeNe: 633nm

Multi-photon laser:
Coherent Chameleon Ti: Sapphire laser: tunable from 680nm to 1080nm

Repetitive rate: 80MHz


3 PMT detectors: robust photomultiplier tube (PMT) detectors for bright signals.  
3 HyD detectors: highly sensitive hybrid GAsP/APD (HyD) detectors for low light imaging. 


Dry objectives
5X      0.15 NA Air       WD 13.70 mm      HCX PL Fluotar 
10X    0.30 NA Air      WD 11.00 mm       HCX PL Fluotar 

Dipping objectives
25X     0.95 NA water                    WD 2.5mm          HCX IRAPO L 
40X     0.80 NA water U-V-I       WD 3.30 mm       HCX APO L 
63X     0.90 NA water  U-V-I       WD 2.2mm          HCX APO L 

Immersion objectives
20X     0.75 NA Oil, Glycerol     WD 0.68 mm       HCX PL APO CS2   
40X      1.10 NA Water                      WD 0.65 mm       HCX PL APO CORR CS2 
63X      1.30 NA Glycerol                WD 0.22 mm       HC PL APO CORR CS2
63X      1.40 NA Oil                            WD 0.14mm        HC PL APO
100X    1.40 – 0.70 NA Oil          WD 0.09mm        HCX PL APO CS

EpiFilter Cubes


Filters for HyD-RLD

FiltersBeam         splitter        Emission CH1         Emission CH2
FITC/TRITC          560              525/50                    585/40
CFP/YFP              505              483/32                    535/30


PicoQuant  TSCPC system 2 channels


Leica Application Suite-Advance Fluorescence (LAS AF)

Student using the Keyence VHX7000.
Professor Wilson Merchán-Merchán and PhD Candidate Sooraj Patel (Ghamarian Lab) operating the Keyence VHX-7000 Microscope.
Example micrograph of a brass fitting showing excellent grain contrast. This demo sample was prepared for OMS's Kid's Night with Microscopes event.
Example micrograph of steel rebar showing excellent grain contrast with commonly interspersed carbides increasing hardness.. This demo sample was prepared for OMS's Kid's Night with Microscopes event.

The Zeiss Axiovert 200M is available free of charge to OU researchers

Location: NML 209 | Check Zeiss Axiovert 200M Availability

Low skill curve for use, with a wide range of features and imaging modes: 

  • Fully motorized xyz stage.
  • 1229 x 968 resolution camera
  • Large area montaging and automated image stitching
  • Brightfield and darkfield imaging needed for grain size analysis and surface quality measurements respectively.
  • up to approximately 3000x fully optical magnification
  • Axiovision Pro software for acquisition and analysis.

Other visible light and fluorescence microscopes

Leica MZ 10F epiflourescent stereomicroscope.
Leica MZ 10F epiflourescent stereomicroscope

Location: NML 207 | Leica MZ 10F Availability

Stereomicroscope with switchable fluorescent or bulb sources and digital imaging.

Zeiss 2000-CS steromicroscope.
Zeiss 2000-CS steromicroscope

Location: NML 206 | Zeiss 2000-CS Availability

Very easy-to-use stereomicroscope with ring light and color digital imaging system with calibrated scale, 6.5x - 62.5x magnification. 

Available to use for no charge.

Operating procedure (.pdf)

Zeiss Stemi SV11.
Zeiss Stemi SV11

Location: NML 205 | Zeiss Stemi SV11 Availability

Stereomicroscope with switchable fluorescent or bulb sources and basic digital imaging.

Available to use for no charge.