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Rigaku SmartLab X-ray Diffractometer (XRD)

Rigaku SmartLab X-ray Diffractometer (XRD)

The Rigaku SmartLab X-ray diffractometer is available for scheduling on iLab. Please discuss your experiment first to make sure the instrument is configured properly. Official radiation safety training and operator training are required for unassisted useOnly specified personnel are allowed to change hardware components.

image of a Rigaku SmartLab X-ray diffractometer.

Rigaku SmartLab X-ray Diffractometer Capabilities

  • Cu rotating anode source (9kW maximum power)
  • flexible geometry and switchable optics, many measurements possible
  • powder, Bragg-Brentano
  • parallel-beam
  • thin film (XRR, RSM, etc.)
  • in-plane arm
  • SmartLab Studio and ICDD Jade Pro software for data analysis
  • etc.

Use of the XRD requires both X-ray safety training performed by one of OU's Radiation Safety Officers AND an operator training specific for this instrument.

Indicate your interest in accessing this instrument by completing this survey (link to survey) AND contacting us by email.

Trained operators are allowed to collect data on their samples / switch samples but not to change the hardware configuration. Only 'superusers' have permission to modify the hardware.