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Leading to Change Lives

Walkway between Evans Hall and Bizzell Memorial Library on OU campus in Norman, OK. Walkway lined with OU flags on lampposts, and a bike parked alongside.

Leading to Change Lives

Lives are transformed every day because of the University of Oklahoma, but it’s our people who make such meaningful change possible. Explore the inspiring stories of extraordinary individuals within our university community whose impact extends far beyond our campuses, shaping a legacy that resonates across the globe.

Leading to Protect Communities

Joseph Trujillo-Falcón saw a need in his community and set out for the University of Oklahoma to ensure its place in the world. As an immigrant from Lima, Peru and growing up in Dallas/Ft. Worth where extreme weather is no stranger, Trujillo-Falcón realized that any severe weather warnings and coverage were only communicated in English and not Spanish. This fueled his passion to build a new emergency alert system for communities similar to his during his childhood. Trujillo-Falcón's leadership within the Ph.D program at the Department of Communication and the NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory and the National Weather Center is helping pave the way for better extreme weather communication.

Leading to Cure Cancer

Dr. Doris Benbrook has been leading the way in the fight against cancer for multiple decades. Dr. Benbrook's goal has been to develop a drug to treat cancer patients without causing toxic side effects. While that goal may appear lofty to some, Dr. Benbrook's work and leadership led the way for OK-1, a cancer drug given to women with advanced-stage ovarian, endometrial and cervical cancer. This drug was 25 years in the making and created independent of pharmaceutical companies. Through Dr. Benbrook's leadership, countless lives now have hope where there was once little to none.

Leading to Financial Consulting

Rylan Texada came to the University of Oklahoma with determination and a vision. With a positive attitude and a desire to listen, Texada has now turned that vision into a promising future of becoming a financial consultant. His ability to listen to his mentors and succeed in the classroom helped Texada galvanize his passion. Texada's path through the OU Price College of Business provided him with the tools to lead others to financial responsibility and prosperity. 

Leading to Tell Impactful Stories

Elizaveta "Lisa" Maslovskaya wants to tell meaningful and impactful stories. Her own story shows just how her ability to lead and inspire others has fueled an already impressive career. After emigrating from Moscow, Russia to the University of Oklahoma's Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communications, Maslovskaya earned the prestigious George J. Mitchell Scholar distinction – the university's second in the program's history – from the U.S.-Ireland Alliance. Her already impressive resume helped her achieve excellence and has set her up to continue her educational journey into the future.

Leading to Share Knowledge

Nate Feken gained the skills necessary to succeed in his career as a sportscaster at the University of Oklahoma's Gaylord College of Journalism. Following a successful journey as a sportscaster for Oklahoma City's KFOR, Feken came back to the university as Gaylord's Sports Director to give back to a new generation of aspiring sports journalists and broadcasters. Using the knowledge he gained covering Sooner greats like Sam Bradford and Blake Griffin during his time as a student, Feken now leads his students to cover recent Sooner greats like Danny Stutsman and Jocelyn Alo.

Leading to Help Student Veterans


LaDawn Jones, the Director of Admissions and Advising in the OU College of Professional and Continuing Studies, led during her military days and now leads fellow veteran students as they enter into the next phase of their lives. Jones' time serving with the United States Navy and eventually her own graduation through OU PACS affords her the valuable skill of understanding what fellow military-connected students are going through. In the military, structure and chain of commands are paramount. During college, time management and personal responsibility become important. Jones provides leadership to bridge those two lifestyles.