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Many Oklahoma Geological Survey documents are available for free download. In the search box below, you can search by type of publication as well as by keyword. In addition to its publications, the OGS maintains an extensive collection of open-file information mostly in the form of well records and unpublished reports and maps. The Publication Sales Office is also the contact point for OPIC-related activities.

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Publication Types

The Oklahoma Geological Survey provides informational brochures on a number of geologic topics. These are intended to be of general interest and provide a basic understanding of the subject.

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The OGS Bulletin is a peer-reviewed scientific research journal with over 150 volumes published continuously from 1908 to present. The Bulletin represents our highest level of publication, equivalent to other major peer-reviewed science journals. Articles are peer-reviewed by at least three reviewers. Hard copies are available in many libraries around the country as part of an exchange agreement.

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Circulars published by the Oklahoma Geological Survey are typically, though not exclusively, volumes that accompany symposia. Volumes are thoroughly edited by Oklahoma Geological Survey staff and contain high-quality cartography.

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Educational Publications from the Oklahoma Geological Survey are published as general information about a geologic subject and are intended for use by educators and students as well as the general public.

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Fact Sheets published by the Oklahoma Geological Survey provides information on a number of geologic topics. These are intended to be of interest to a general audience as well as researchers..

Geologic maps are published by the Oklahoma Geological Survey and cover a range of information including natural resource distribution and geologic data.

Geologic Maps

Guidebooks published by the Oklahoma Geological Survey range from general information to more rigorous scientifc study and in many cases are intended to accompany symposia or workshops. They typically include field trip stops with thorough descriptions and photos.

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Between 1969 and 1973, the Oklahoma Geological Survey published a series of Hydrologic Atlases in cooperation with the USGS. These maps focus on water resources and use in the State of Oklahoma.

Hydrologic Atlases

Information Series are typically a re-issue of information published in OGS publications, redone as a stand-alone publication because of popularity. Updated information and figures may be added.

Information Series

Mineral Reports were published by the Oklahoma Geological Survey from 1938 to 1958 and cover the early exploration and production of Oklahoma mineral resources.

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Oklahoma Geologic Quadrangles (OGQs) are geologic maps professionally drafted by the Oklahoma Geological Survey cartography group. OGQ maps are reviewed by internal or external geologists and are thoroughly edited. Starting in 1989, several geologic maps released as Open-File Reports were rereleased as OGQs in an effort to group similar publications together.

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Oklahoma Geology Notes are periodical publications of the Oklahoma Geological Survey containing short scientific and technical articles, mineral and petroleum statistics, the Director's annual report, news items, abstracts, and, from 1955 through 1980, an annual bibliography of Oklahoma geology. Subscribe to the Oklahoma Geology Notes here.

The Hopper was issued monthly from 1941 through 1955; publication was continued thereafter as Oklahoma Geology Notes with volume numbers successive. From volume 16 through volume 27 Oklahoma Geology Notes was published 10 times a year, under 12 issue numbers.

Open-File Reports published by the Oklahoma Geological Survey are intended to make the results of research available at the earliest possible date and is intended as a preliminary report, not as a final publication.

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Peer-reviewed journal articles have been published by current or former OGS scientists in scholarly journals. Typically, these articles are evaluated by outside experts in the field who check for accuracy and assess the validity of the research methodology and procedures. Peer-reviewed journals will not publish articles that fail to meet defined standards, therefore peer-reviewed articles exemplify the best research practices in a field.

Special Publications are issued by the Oklahoma Geological Survey or by the OGS in cooperation with other agencies. Each is listed according to the year of publication and the order it was published. Gaps in the series occur when no Special Publications were issued that year, or when a publication is out of print. Historically, many Special Publications were summaries of research conducted based on funding from a grant.

Special Publications by Decade

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