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“A journey to better understand where your idea fits in the marketplace…and how to advance it…”
- John Hanak

Originally named Innovation Pathway, now shortened to iPath, this program held its inaugural installment in the first half of 2022 at OU’s Health Science Center Campus. The program has now been expanded to accommodate faculty, students or staff innovators from any of the OU campuses. Any OU founder – faculty, staff or student – with an idea to test in the market is encouraged to apply.

iPath is both an ideation program and a launch process that helps you articulate the value of your business proposition and create a launch plan that includes elements of business planning and capital strategy. This is done with facilitated elements of online self-guided learning, online live sessions, and in-person sessions. The first part of the program, the multi-week ideation process, helps you articulate the business value of your technical discovery and helps you understand what the market is telling you. The second part of the program, the multi-week venture development sessions, include facilitated interactions with investors and mentors, and an investment capital strategy module designed to prepare you, the founder, with tools and processes to plan your business, develop a licensing or startup pathway, and to raise capital where required.

This is done in a small cohort of like-minded founders:

  • 6-weeks online, self-paced
  • 4-weeks online, live, 1 hour per week
  • 2 full days on-site

You will receive:

Open to all OU and OU-HSC Ideators

  • Researchers looking for the best path forward for their discovery.
  • Inventors trying to figure out their options to commercialize.
  • Entrepreneurs with an idea to go to market.
  • Startups trying to raise capital and scale their business.
  • Startups looking to raise money soon.
  • Founders wanting to meet local and regional investors.
  • Market validation
  • Customer discovery
  • Finding the right investors
  • The components of a pitch
  • Why investors say "no"
  • Presenting your opportunity
  • Identifying funding needs
  • What investors look for
  • Insights from entrepreneurs
  • Developing your plan
  • Refining your financials
  • And much, much more

Because, as an OU or OU-HSC inventor, there is no cost to you!

iPath sessions are scheduled on a rolling basis in small cohort groups. Apply now to join the next session.